Confirmed: Porsche SUVs Cayenne and Macan will not get a GT variant

Article by Christian A., on May 13, 2017

Porsche’s GT division has finally brushed off the rumors that a Cayenne GT or a Macan GT will be added to its current lineup. In a recent interview with Car and Driver, Andreas Preuninger confirmed that neither Porsche’s SUV nor crossover range will get GT2 or GT3 versions made. The Head for Road Car Development has even mentioned the Panamera while explaining how the GTs are built directly on real race car models. That said, unless a Panamera, Macan or a Cayenne gets into racing, there is no reason to anticipate a GT version at all.

Preuninger further noted that a customer purchasing a 911 GT3 is well aware about their products. He also said that a Cayenne or a Macan taking part at the Dakar rally is one thing that hasn’t crossed their minds. If so, Preuninger thinks it could be all up to the Motorsport division whether that type of vehicle should be brought into racing.

From the way we see it, it seems Porsche won’t bank on the GT’s heritage for the sake of building more race car versions of their current lineup. Preuninger believes that using a GT badge on either a Cayenne or a Panamera just to make it more marketable will only compromise the division’s credibility. We think he’s right.

In any way, Porsche’s GT division isn’t the only branch of the company qualified to build such high-performance cars. Underneath the hood of the current version of the Panamera comes an impressive 671hp (500kW) and 627 lb-ft (850Nm) of torque.

The current Cayenne Turbo S comes with a 570hp (425kW) with a torque output of 590lb-ft (800Nm). Porsche is also coming up with a more powerful Turbo S E-Hybrid trim for its new generation model. At the very least, the Porsche Macan Turbo with Performance Package boasts up to 440hp (328kW) coming from its 3.6-liter V6 biturbo powerful engine.

In the meantime, Preuninger and his team are currently working on some new projects. Recent photos revealed that a 718 Cayman GT4 RS should come around soon. Some new images of the refreshed 911 GT3 RS meanwhile hint at an enormous wing and possibly new air intakes along the hood. Of course, others are quick to judge that there also might be a new 4.2-liter engine on the line.

Adding to that, a 911 GT3 was seen being tested without a wing while the upcoming GT3 RS is said to have the same body as the turbocharged GT2 ---except for the two new large tailpipes at each corner of the rear. Let’s wait and see if there is any truth about these rumors as the days unfold.

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