Porsche preparing the Cayenne e-Hybrid for 2014

Article by Christian A., on November 19, 2012

The scheduled mid-cycle face-lift in 2014 for the Porsche Cayenne SUV will get the expected technical updates and styling revisions as well as new options. But the most major change is that it will be offered with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain Porsche, which has been dubbed the e-Hybrid, according to MotorTrend.

A drivetrain that uses a concept similar to what’s under the hood of the current Cayenne Hybrid will be featured on the plug-in Cayenne e-Hybrid. However, it will have a much higher power and capacity. The electric motor will be given a boost to offer about 95 to 100hp so the SUV could go much farther at real-world speeds without requiring the V-6 engine.

Since the electric motor is installed between the engine and transmission, the Cayenne model will be 4WD even when it’s in electric mode. At the back of the Cayenne is a Panamera e-Hybrid, but it will be rear drive. When the vehicle is in electric mode, having an output of about 100hp means that the highway performance would suffer.

However, the vehicle will feature a functional urban acceleration. It will eventually benefit freeway speed as well. In hybrid mode, the electric motor and 333-hp supercharged V-6 gas engine, when combined, deliver about 420hp for acceleration.

Porsche is also considering another driving mode named the e-charge. This was seen on the Panamera Sport Turismo concept car at the Paris show. This can be selected by the driver, for example, when approaching the city.

The engine output can be slightly increased for a short period of time, as it uses surplus to charge the battery. This means that the vehicle gets to the city already with a full charge and prepared to drive in electric-only mode. According to a Porsche engineer, the Cayenne will have an electric-only range of above 15 miles. A lithium-ion battery with a capacity of about 10 kW-hr is used.

Just like other electric vehicles, a smartphone app will give owners the ability to control and monitor charging of the vehicle remotely. It can also pre-heat or air-condition it while it's still on its electric umbilical cord. Porsche is developing a fast charger for the 918 Spyder. It could also be used on the Cayenne and Panamera e-Hybrids.

The lithium-ion battery in the Cayenne S E-Hybrid is accommodated in the same housing as in the Panamera S E-Hybrid, as located under the load compartment floor. However, the Cayenne S E-Hybrid has a capacity of 28 Ah, while the Panamera S E-Hybrid has 24.5 Ah.

As standard, the new Cayenne S E-Hybrid is provided with a 3.6-kW charger, although an optional 7.2-kW integrated charger is also available. The optional device could recharge the Cayenne S E-Hybrid twice as fast as the 3.6-kW charger, as long as a proper electrical connection is available.

The new Euro 6-compliant Cayenne S E-Hybrid comes with a special feature -- pressurized fuel tank with slight positive pressure of 0.3 bar. This amount of pressure helps ensure that de-gasing fuel won’t leak outside, a situation that could worsen the emission balance. During refueling, the tank could be de-pressurized just by pressing the fuel flap release button. The fuel gas, meanwhile, is neutralized through an activated carbon filter.

Considered as the first plug-in vehicle in the luxury class, the Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid was able to set new standards when it was introduced in June 2013. Now this plug-in technology is inherited by the new Cayenne S E-Hybrid, thereby allowing this system to be introduced in the premium SUV segment. After setting a new record on the Nürburgring circuit in September 2013, the 918 Spyder was able to showcase that super sports cars could also attain new levels of performance while boasting of even greater dynamics and efficiencies than conventional drive systems.

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