Road going Mission E gets the name Taycan

Article by Christian A., on June 12, 2018

For those of you who have been waiting for Porsche’s first electric vehicle, which is supposed to come after the Porsche Mission E, the automaker had just reported that the production version will be called the Taycan, coming to dealers in 2019. According to Oliver Blume, Porsche Boss, the name Taycan translates to “lively, young horse”, reports CNBC. The title is a reference to the horse on the city of Stuttgart coat of arms that also appears on the Porsche emblem.

As we saw in the spy shots, the Taycan is a sleek sedan that kind of looks like an overextended 911 turned into a four door. It has got a low nose featuring LED headlights, and there the roof is also slightly sloped that lends a coupe like silhouette. Inside, expect Porsche to pack the four door with the company’s cutting edge equipment.

According to reports, the range topping Taycan will have over 600 horsepower (447 kilowatts), thanks to its electric motors. It is now able to accelerate to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in under 3.5 seconds. Porsche also promises that it will have a driving range of 311 miles (500 kilometers) in only a single charge. The entry level model, that has 402 horsepower (300 kilowatts) will have a starting price of around $85,000.

In Stuttgart, Porsche built a new factory especially for electric vehicles. In the beginning, the plant was able to build 20,000 vehicles yearly, but there had always been room for expansion. The recent Cross Turismo concept gives us a hint of how the sedan would look if it were a wagon. Rumours have been circulating about a coupe and convertible version as well. The company believes that a quarter of its global sales could actually be the battery electric vehicles by 2025, says CNBC.

It was in Atlanta, Georgia when the German automaker first announced the name of the road going Mission E. We are getting closer and closer to the future of mobility, as you can see here, as the series production of the first purely electric Porsche will begin next year. To prepare for this, they first gave it an official name, that is the Taycan. Well, we hope that the Taycan will be a first of many in the world of electrified vehicles.

Names are very important for Porsche, for instance, the Boxter actually is a description of the boxer engine and the roadster design, while they Cayenne indicated fieriness because it is sharp and fast, while the Carrera is named because of its long distance racing capabilities.

Source: Porsche

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