Porsche urges dealers not to use live tigers in Macan promotions

Article by Christian A., on May 14, 2014

“Macan” means tiger in Indonesia, but Porsche Cars North America wants it dealers not to use live animals during their promotions of the brand’s mid-sized Macan crossover bearing the same name. According to Nick Twork, Porsche’s manager of product communications, the carmaker made the request to its dealers after it was told by Big Cat Rescue on Reeves Import Motorcars’ use of live tiger cubs during a May 2 promotion of the Macan.

On May 5, Porsche was approached by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) regarding the dealer’s promotion. Twork remarked that on May 6, Porsche urged its dealers in North America to drop all plans to use live tigers to promote the Macan.

Twork said that the carmaker does not condone the use of live animals for advertising. Susan Bass, Big Cat Rescue’s director of public relations, disclosed that the dealer rented tigers from Dade City’s Wild Things for the May 2 promotion.

Danielle Katz, campaign manager at PETA, said her organization has requested Reeves Import Motorcars to stop using live tigers, but has yet to receive a response. According to Bass, a number of Porsche dealers in North America planned to rent live tigers, like Leith Porsche of North Carolina.

Jason Jones, general manager of Leith Porsche, remarked that dealership had wanted to give notoriety to the tiger and what it stands for.

Jones said that after speaking with PETA and finding out about the transportation and poor treatment, the dealership decided that it was not “something we wanted to be a part of.”

Bass remarked that Big Cat Rescue was happy with Porsche’s response to its concerns. She said that they praised the carmaker and even encouraged their supporters to go buy a Porsche.

The front area of the new Macan is both assertive and impressive and the reason being is that this is a unique component of the vehicle’s design. As expected from a Porsche model, the Macan comes with large air intakes. However it is this feature that puts emphasis on the performance class that many of the brand’s models are part of. Take the Macan Turbo for example, there are stylistic elements called as C-blades fixed to the air intakes on both sides of the vehicle.

These same elements are able to highlight the Macan’s athletic appearance while at the same time deliver an advanced aerodynamic response. Meanwhile the wraparound bonnet surrounds the headlights before it extends downwards to the wheel arches and results in creating that striking design detail.

Given the imposing size and combined with the use of precision lines which runs through the vehicle’s front section, the bonnet gives the Macan a powerful and broad look. Further the bonnet’s seamless surface displays a clean front to the model. Looked at from the front, customers are sure to see that the Macan is truly focused on the road. On the side, the sloping athletic roof line not only sets up that sharp profile but also puts focus on the vehicle’s dynamic nature.

There are design lines that go through the rear area of this model highlighting the sculpted broad wings. With how the D-pillar has been shaped and combined with the edges of all the model’s lateral glass surfaces, also called as window graphics, the design lines bring to mind how the 911 has been designed. Another design highlight on the vehicle’s sides is the sideblades positioned on the bottom of the doors, both the front and the rear.

According to the brand, this is also another way of customizing the new Macan. As an option, dynamically formed inserts will be offered and made available in different materials. The way the sideblades have been designed is a nod to the 918 Spyder, particularly the lower door seams and the entry guard on the front door. Mixed in with the cutting-edge door handles, it makes the door look narrower with the sides being more streamlined and athletic.

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