A Range Rover Sport got totaled after transporter tried going under a bridge in Scotland

Article by Christian A., on October 29, 2018

Each and every time a vehicle hits a large object, it always loses. In the recent incident that happened in Perth, Scotland, three Land Rover Range Rover Sports units and a Jaguar E-Pace were the casualties. No, they were no directly involved, but the transported they were riding was. The transporter, however, sustained no damage.

According to a report by The Courier, a transporter operated by haulage firm Carlson tried to pass under the bridge on Marshall Place just outside the railway station at Perth. It was just a few minutes after 8:00 in the morning when the driver of the transporter seemingly forgot that the vehicles being transported on his lorry were higher than the clearance of the railway bridge. It might also be that the driver miscalculated the total height of the transporter plus the Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, and assumed that he could pass under the bridge safely without any major incident.

The attempt made by the driver was pretty disastrous. While the low railway bridge seemed alright as well as the transporter, a Jaguar E-Pace and three Land Rover Range Rover Sports models were damaged. One of the Range Rover Sports actually lost its head – it was totally scalped by the incident. The two vehicles located on the top front of the transporter were heavily damaged.

Charlie Stevenson, a taxi driver who was parked at the railway station, told The Courier that he heard an “almighty crash” when the transported collided with the railway bridge. He said that the roof of the Range Rover was torn clean off while the car behind was also pretty badly damaged.

The accident caused traffic build up at either side of the transporter, prompting the police to man the traffic to keep other vehicles moving while helping clear debris from the site. A Network Rail spokeswoman told The Courier that trains still manage to run during the accident, at a very low speed of 5 mph, in order to give Network Rail inspectors ample time to check the four-meter railway bridge for damage and make sure it was still safe to use. This essentially caused delays for the trains.

Trains returned to normal speed after railway officials announced that the bridge didn’t sustain damage. This scene went for around an hour before the scene was eventually cleared up.

The incident at Perth is the second time this year that a transporter carrying Jaguar Land Rover vehicles was involved in such accidents. In April, a transporter carrying Jaguar Land Rover models tried go under a bridge near Farnworth, England but failed. This caused the roof of Range Rover Velar to be ripped off. A Range Rover Evoque also sustained damage.

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