Range Rover SV Coupe will remain as a limited model

Article by Christian A., on March 26, 2018

If you do get a chance to get your hands on the Range Rover SV Coupe, we would suggest for you to get one because this will remain limited and is likely not going make it into full production.

Earlier this month during the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, the SV Coupe was revealed as a limited edition model, and also the most expensive Range Rover with a price tag of $295,995. But recently, we learned that Land Rover has no plans to make production go beyond the 999 units that had been set.

Wayne Darley, senior product marketing manager, stated that to keep the model exclusive, then the best thing they could do is to limit production of the model. By doing so, you are protecting the exclusivity of the model and therefore, these investments are secured. This began with the Project 7 that was inspired by the 250 run Jaguar F-Type which got its roots from the 1950s D Type. That car was once sold for £130,000 (or $183,800), and is now available for over £200,000 (approximately $282,700).

Before Darley got into Jaguar Land Rover, he developed the UK business cases for both the original Porsche Cayenne and the Carrera GT. This means to say that this guy knows what the market wants. There is clearly enough flex in the Range Rover brand to justify a car that costs $88,000 more than the SVAutobiography Dynamic it is based upon. There are several reasons for that price hike though and these have been justified.

It was the Special Vehicles Operations (SVO) that conceived the Range Rover SV Coupe, just around the same time as the Project 7. And the fact that it arrives three years later makes us think how much thought and development came with it. To ensure that the Range Rover’s go-anywhere remit is kept, new tools were used to create the fabrication of a pair of 1.4 meter (55 inch) long doors that almost fit the wheelbase.

To make it extra bespoke, SVO applied a “Nautica wood” trim level that was made with sycamore and walnut, giving you a feeling that you’re on a yacht but with wheels. Darley further explained that the SV Coupe really pushes the boundaries in body and materials. Yes, the standard Range Rover will be built in Land Rover’s Solihull, but the 999 units that will be specially made will be assembled at the SVO’s headquarters in Coventry.

Today, SVO continues to grow both in sphere and influence. Global sales in 2017 reached 4,800 units, which encompassed everything from the Jaguar SV Project 8 to a GT4 race prepped F-Type under the special commission banner of its flagship. SVO is confident in thinking that their output could be doubled to 10,500 units after the arrival of the SV Coupe, Defender Works V8, and some other projects they have done.

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