Renault KWID Racer and Climber concepts impress crowds at 2016 New Delhi Auto Show

Article by Christian A., on February 8, 2016

Renault has recently debuted two versions of its high-selling KWID mini SUV during the 2016 New Delhi Auto Show - the Renault KWID Climber and the Renault KWID Racer. The Climber version is marketed for a more off-road function while the Racer version is targeting an urban setting.

The announcement came after spectacular sales of the Indian-made original KWID, which is regarded as the response to previously untapped niches in this category.

Renault KWID Climber - Geared and marketed as an off-road version of the original base model, the new Renault KWID Climber boasts of a high ground clearance, short overhangs, wide track and tire patterns specifically made for this model.

To complete the off-road character of this version, it comes with big bumpers, side mouldings for additional protection in harsh off-road terains, and diamond-effect wheels. Accentuating its powerful rugged body is its deep Flame Orange finish. Highlighting the KWID’s hallmark, the electric blue finish of its wheel arch extensions magnifies this well-recognized feature.

Emphasizing its all-terrain personality are the special protective housings of the car’s lights, creating a very distinct SUV feel for the new Renault KWID Climber.

Renault KWID Racer - With the new Renault KWID Racer’s 18-inch wheels made of alloy, low profile tires, an enhanced aerodynamics evident in its profile, roll cage and bucket seats, it is easy to imagine that the vehicle would feel right at home in the racing world.

Further adding to its racing feel are its sporty metallic blue finish, wide air intakes characteristic in high performance cars and its handling-improving diffuser. The high tech C-shaped LED lighting featured on the Renault KWID Races provides design enhancement resulting to an overall racing character of the car.

Its interior uses Alcantara, aluminium and carbon while the Titane Black trim is accentuated with anodized red, further allusions to the racing world. A bucker driver’s seat, alloy-framed leather-trimmed steering wheels and a digital rev counter provides a complete racing experience for the driver.

In addition, the driver can track his performance real time via telemetry data displayed on a totem console located in the dashboard center.

Renault KWID 1.0 Litre SCe and Renault KWID Easy-R

Promising a better performance from the Renault KWID 1.0 liter SCe, Renault presented this newly designed engine that the company plans to launch. This new engine design delivers reliable performance whether on the highway or in busy city streets.

Another new technology Renault has previewed is the Renault KWID Easy-R Gear Box, a 5-speed Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) which promises the hassle-free driving of automatic transmission but gives the fuel economy and performance of a manual gear system.

Press Release


Since its launch last autumn, the KWID has hit the ground running in India. At the 2016 New Delhi Auto Show, Renault is taking the wraps off two show cars, namely Renault KWID Climber and Renault KWID Racer. While the former is bred for venturing away from the beaten track, the latter is more at home on the asphalt of race circuits, providing still more evidence of the potential of this unique model.


Renault KWID Climber stands tall as an off-roader. With its high ground clearance, wide track, short overhangs and the specially designed pattern of its tyres, this car is built for adventure off the beaten track. It has all the qualities of an off-roader, including a compact footprint, high ground clearance, big bumpers, side protective mouldings, and generous, diamond-effect wheels. Its deep Flame Orange finish underscores the sculpted lines of the body.

The wheel arch extensions are highlighted in electric blue. This draws attention to the robust features which have become the Renault KWID’s hallmark. The special protective housings of the car’s lights heighten its all-terrain feel. A born off-roader, the Climber draws on the DNA of the Renault KWID to develop its SUV capability to the extreme. The result is a very distinctive personality which suits all types of adventure.


Renault KWID Racer belongs to an entirely different category of car and conjures up the world of racing, with 18-inch alloy wheels, low-profile tyres, honed aerodynamics, bucket seats and a roll cage. It boasts of a sporty metallic blue finish. Its wide air intakes are suggestive of performance, while the spoilers and diffuser guarantee outstanding handling. The C-shaped LED lighting signature and the high-tech treatment of the lights signal that the Renault KWID Racer is clearly in tune with Renault’s new design strategy.

The inside of the car features materials like Alcantara, aluminium and carbon. The Titane Black trim is emphasised by touches of anodised red that is suggestive of the world of motor racing.

The totem console in the centre of the dashboard displays the telemetry data so the driver can track his or her performance in real time.

Tightly strapped into a four-point harness in the bucket seat, the driver benefits from a digital rev counter and a leather-trimmed steering wheel which boasts an alloy frame specially designed for racing.

Both the show cars are two distinct cars, which complement each other perfectly.

Laurens Van Den Acker, Senior Vice President, Corporate Design, who was present at the unveil, shared, “At first glance, Renault KWID blends an emotional design with the need for reassurance expressed by customers. Its SUV lines mirror its tough, robust character and underpin its distinctive, modern look. Both of the show cars are based on the Renault KWID platform. The front end is distinctive and immediately recognisable as a Renault. The wheel arches are generous and the unique body colours bear design touches common to both vehicles.”


Renault presents its brand new 1.0 litre engine with an optimized design for better performance that it plans to launch. This high technology engine offers excellent drivability, be it slick city streets or out in the open highway.

Based on the philosophy of the Renault KWID – Attractive, Affordable and Innovative, Renault introduces as well Renault KWID with the Easy-R Gear Box - an all-new 5-speed Automated Manual Transmission (AMT). This clutch free driving experience combines the fuel economy and performance of a manual transmission with the convenience of automated gear shifting.

Sumit Sawhney, Country CEO and Managing Director, Renault India Operations, said, “Renault KWID is great success and has revolutionised the compact hatchback segment, living true to our promise of creating a new era in automotive history. It has generated unprecedented success in its category and has won the hearts of customers’ and automotive experts alike. At Renault, we are committed to continuous innovation and we are happy to showcase the Renault KWID 1.0 litre SCe and our automated transmission version, Renault KWID EASY – R. We will launch both these versions sometime in the future.”

There are no current plans to commercialise the Renault KWID in Europe.

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