Renault wants to appeal business customers with the new Espace

Article by Christian A., on January 22, 2015

The next one sees a Renault Espace, he or she will be surprised with its looks. After all, Renault threw away the boxy look of the Espace minivan and endowed it with crossover styling – all to make it more appealing than before. Philippe Brunet, head of Renault’s D-segment business, remarked that the market for large family vans is shrinking, adding that new Espace’s main market will be fleet customers.

"The crossover design is what our customers want," Brunet said. Renault also added an upscale version of the Espance with the Initiale Paris badge. The French carmaker has made a EUR420-million investment in its Douai site for the output of the new Espace and the successors of the Scenic compact minivan and Laguna midize sedan.

According to Brunet, the Espace was given with crossover styling since that segment accounts for between 10 percent and 15 percent of the car segment in Europe and is still growing.

Jamel Taganza, an analyst for Inovev, remarked that fleet customers now considered the majority of possible buyers of midsize vehicles in Europe, adding that the shift to fleet sales has become a European-wide trend.

Renault will commence sales of the fifth-generation Espace in Europe in the spring at starting prices (in France) of EUR34,200 for the entry version and EUR44,800 for the Initiale Paris version. Renault only sold 6,786 Espaces in the first 11 months of 2014, according to JATO Dynamics.

By breaking from its traditional MPV shape and adopting dynamic crossover lines instead, the all-new Renault Espace radiates undeniable charisma. Standing at 4.85 m tall (both in its five- and seven-seated versions) and 1.87 m in width, the all-new Espace crossover has ample proportions. It has a contained 1.68 m height (63 mm less than the current Espace) and high belt line infuse it with a sleek stance.

This impression gets further accents from the car’s lengthy wheelbase (2.88 m, 16 mm lengthier than the current Grand Espace) that also creates a roomier interior. This feeling of streamlined effectiveness gets confirmation from the newcomer's lower drag stats, with a Cd of 0.30 and a CdA of 0.845 sqm.

The new Renault crossover enhances status without being excessive. It demonstrates a blend of:

• Dynamism, from its front-end design and broad shoulders

• Character, expressed through wide wheels (17- to 20-inches) and prominent wheel arches

• Warmth, throughout its interior, four-part Lumière panoramic windscreen, and bright cabin

With a forceful front-end posture, the all-new Espace proudly wears the Renault emblem together with other identifying brand features. The all-new Espace crossover's daytime running lights also have a distinct signature. Styled to create a crisp asymmetrical 'C' in the centre of each headlamp, this gives the all-new Espace an iconic lighting personality as well as a strong advanced feel. The brand will continue to roll this out on other forthcoming models.

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