Rendered Speculation: Bmw 2-Series

Article by Christian A., on May 31, 2011

There are numerous speculations on what models BMW will build next. All that we can do really is wait for BMW to confirm them. Recently, BMW Blog showed off two renderings from One rendering was for the 2-Series coupe. The general features are similar to the existing coupe but it has new designs that are more masculine and have bigger proportions.

BMW’s convertible model will still have the lighter soft-top roof and it will feature clean design lines that won’t adversely affect its performance and appearance.

Many want to know if they should expect a 2-Series soon. This seems to be likely as the 1er will come only as a five-door and three-door variants. This means that BMW will have to move the coupe and convertible up one digit so that it can break up the Performance and sportier body shape.

It implies that the 1-Series can switch to front-wheel drive and the coupe could concentrate solely on performance. This model deserves it since it was able to change the image of the 1er from being an overpriced hatch to a model that may possibly earn the propeller badge. No one would then question if BMW would give it the M2 badge. In addition, BMW will be able to evade overcrowding with the segment of the new 1-Series hatchback.

BMW is known for introducing compact models that give the right amount of satisfaction when it comes to driver engagement. It is on this context that the BMW 2-Series Coupe came to be and in fact, the 2 in the name is proof that it remains to have a close association with its history. In 1966 for instance, the brand introduced the two-door BMW 1600-2 coupe and started an entirely new class.

With its amazing chassis technology and the customized powertrain package, this model set the benchmark under the compact car class for strong driving pleasure and sporty handling. By putting in new engine versions, every new model that came out in the series had its appeal increased. By 1968, just a mere two years after, the brand released the BMW 2002 which was a success in terms of popularity. The brand used the slogan, the Sheer Driving Pleasure or Freude am Fahren, to introduce it to a new demographic.

One of the more impressive versions was the BMW 2002 turbo that delivered output at 125 kW (170 hp). This was the first model for BMW and the first for a European automaker to have a turbocharger. In terms of dimensions, this two-door coupe has a length of 4,432 mm, making it longer by108 mm when compared to the BMW 1-Series and longer by 72 mm compared to the model it will be replacing, the BMW 1-Series Coupe.

The new 2-Series Coupe is wider than the 1-Series Coupe by 32 mm as its width is now at 1,774 mm. The wheelbase is 2,690 mm, longer by 30 mm, and the tracks are wider as well. The front track is 1,521 mm, a 41-mm difference with the rear coming in at 1,556 mm, a difference of 43 mm. Unlike the outgoing model though, the height is 1,418 mm, which is lower by 5 mm. What this all means is that the space in the interior is not only larger but the boot is now at 390 liters, an extra 20 liters larger. The changes in the proportion also resulted in better aerodynamics with Cd at 0.29, better than the 1-Series.

Another unique feature in the BMW 2-Series Coupe is the vehicle concept used and this is displayed by how the body is designed. It is clear that this model is indeed a coupe from BMW. The different features of its design are present in the compact version higher interest and intent. These features include the roofline that has been stretched and that flows effortlessly towards the rear, the long bonnet, the doors that have frameless windows, and the three-box body with a well-defined boot and low-slung profile.

The use of the tuned chassis technology is paired perfectly with the carefully chosen engines, resulting in sporty driving qualities expressed by the exterior design. The BMW 220i Coupe will make its official debut powered by the 4-cylinder engine with output of (135 kW) 184 hp. Meanwhile the BMW M235i Coupe is equipped with the in-line 6-cylinder engine with 240 kW (326 hp). As such, the M235i Coupe gets the unique distinction of being the most powerful model that is petrol-powered under the brand’s M Performance Automobile line-up.

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