Rimac sold 3 cars the day Richard Hammond flipped the Concept One

Article by Christian A., on June 4, 2018

A little less than a year ago, Richard Hammond was able to escape death during a hillclimb event that took place in Hemberg, Switzerlnad. Here, he flipped the Rimac Concept One, and it rolled over several times. Hammond was able to get out of the car before burst into flames, suffering some injuries. Today, the guy is is perfect shape.

It might have been a stressful couple of months for The Hamster and the guys from The Grand Tour. But in contrary, Croatian electric hypercar vehicle, Rimac, was able to sell three cars that exact same day, according to Kreso Coric, their head of sales. He added that it was actually the “best marketing ever”.

Despite saying that, Coric admitted that he was concerned about the aftermath of the horrible crash. He stated that he was scared because the accident was a pretty serious one, and that it could have ended in a different way, and that would affect more people, and their brand.

In the same interview, the head of sales mentioned the firm’s new model, the C_Two. That will not be it’s final name, but what we know is that the $2.1 million electric machine is already sold out, and there are only a few remaining cars reserved for Rimac’s 12 dealers across the world. He added that only 150 units of the said model will be produced, and about 75 to 105 units will be exported to the United States. To add to that, buyers spend more or less $615,000 on options for this with custom leather and clear carbon fiber body, being among the most popular extra goodies.

Furthermore, Coric said in his interview that the company was never supposed to make the C_Two finish the 60 miles per hour sprint (96 kilometers per hour) in under two seconds, but Tesla revealed the new Roadster, so Rimac was prompted to develop its hypercar. Having said that, a two-speed gearbox with Formula 1 derived tech was engineered to let the C_Two accelerate the 0 to 62 mph (100 kph) in 1.95 seconds and complete the 0-186 mph (0-300 kph) task in 11.8 seconds. Aside from the super quick acceleration, the car can be quite noisy as well.

The automaker’s plan for the C_Two is to finish work on the first test mules in the second half of 2018, and by next year, produce 18 prototypes. Production of customer cars is scheduled to commence in January 2020 and production will be limited to 4 units each month.

Most of Rimac’s sales (90% of it), actually come from supplying technology. Exampled include Aston Martin (Valkyrie), Koegnisegg (Regera), and Jaguar (E-Type Concept Zero), and some others.

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