Scion FR-S/Toyota GT86 Cabrio to be introduced in 2014

Article by Christian A., on May 8, 2012

Someone has heard your prayers as today as Toyota decided to build a convertible version of the GT86/Scion FR-S. We don’t know exactly if we will see a Subaru BRZ Cabrio, but if the two vehicles will be a success, why not, right? We already got the idea of how the Scion FR-S Cabrio will look like, as Cartel already chopped the sporty coupe, but the official version will definitely be different.

As expected, the convertible version of the Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S will use the same platform as the coupe versions.

In fact, the platform is good enough to be used on a small four-door sedan or a larger two-door coupe. Under the hood, we find the same 2.0-liter boxer-four engine delivering 200 hp and mated to a six-speed manual transmission or an automatic gearbox.

Scion FR-S Cabrio will take on the popular Mazda MX-5 Miata, known as one of the best small cabrios found on the market.

The new convertible will arrive sometime in 2014, as Toyota and Subaru need to satisfy the demand for the coupe versions. Expect to pay more for a Scion FR-S Cabrio, as the price will top the coupe’s $24,930 base price.

Looking inside the Scion FR-S, one can see that the 2+2 seating set-up takes into account not only the form but also the function. The seats in the front for instance have been placed on a low position and with the deep bolsters, have that assertive look while ensuring comfort. On the rear, the seats have the ability to be folded flat, thus creating additional space.

In the interior as well, it will feature unique floor mats with the FR-S badge included as standard. From the driver’s point of view, the tachometer is now larger and mounted to the center. It is part of a three-gauge cluster that also has the programmable shift-indicator. The latter feature in particular comes with a small yet powerful indicator which immediately lights up if the redline is crossed.

However, the option is given to the driver to set when the warning should sound starting at 2,000 rpm with increments of 100 rpm. The driver can even program a chime sound to go off once near said redline. For the speed, the driver has the choice to monitor it through an analog gauge or a digital version. Meanwhile the exterior is intense as well and mirrors the inner power.

With the Toyota 2000GT serving as an inspiration, the side view of the FR-S shows a roofline and hood that are low and smooth. This allows it to be more aerodynamic as it can channel the air over its top easily. Already having a menacing look, this is highlighted further by the low stance. The face of the FR-S makes use of sharp lines which is combined with the angular headlights and wide lower intake.

This headlight is also where the projector beam-halogen lamps have been placed. The fenders of the FR-S located on the front have an aggressive appearance as well given how they extend upwards. Combined with the classic ‘86’ piston badge, it brings into focus the distinct boxer engine equipped inside it and the AE86 tradition. Its rear fascia on the other hand is also wide and low.

There is the dual exhaust system that is surrounded by various aerodynamic lower treatments. The taillights are edgy and make use of LEDs. Completing the sturdy design of the rear are the backup lights mounted to the center. Under the new Scion FR-S, a total of 7 colors will be offered which include Argento, Asphalt, Firestorm, Hot Lava, Raven, Ultramarine and Whiteout.

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