Second-generation Nissan Leaf is spotted at a commercial shoot in Norway

Article by Christian A., on August 2, 2017

While everyone’s attention right now is focused on the Tesla Model 3, Nissan is surely working its way to the imminent introduction of the new Nissan Leaf compact five-door electric hatchback. It’s the next generation of the electric car that paved the way for the eventual acceptance of electrified vehicles around the world.

It has not been formally presented and the company has done its best to shield it from prying eyes but just recently, the new Nissan Leaf was spied being driven without any camouflage, and at a commercial shoot no less.

The Japanese carmaker is set to officially reveal the true form of the new generation of the Nissan Leaf as well as its complete specs around a month from now. It is eagerly awaited by the entire industry basically, including Leaf’s current customers, fans and enthusiasts. We all just want to catch a glimpse of the next generation of this legendary electric car.

According to Norway TV 2’s Broom, one of its avid readers was in a hotel room in Norway when reader spotted the next-gen Nissan Leaf on the streets – all in its full glory, without camouflage. It seemed that a commercial for the Leaf was being shot at the time. Of course, the new Nissan Leaf attracted much attention, and several photographers on the ground wanted to take a shot on the next generation of the electric car. Unfortunately for these photographers on the ground, according to Broom’s reader, they were asked to go away. But the reader was able to take some pictures through the window of the hotel room, which was the reason why the images weren’t so clear and sharp.

Since the original Leaf was introduced to the market in 2010, people have already seen updated versions of the first generation electric hatchback from Nissan. Almost seven years had passed and people were already getting anxious as to when Nissan would launch the second generation f the Leaf. Then, a senior manager at Nissan finally confirmed the new generation of the Leaf (model year 2018) will be unveiled to the public in September and will be available for sale later this year.

The Leaf is considered the most successful highway-capable electric car, so far. From its launch to December 2016, it was estimated that at least 250,000 units of the Leaf have been sold around the world. Most of these were sold in the United States, Japan and Europe (particularly in Norway). Its increasingly popularity has filled people with thrill and excitement over the upcoming next generation.

As for now, it is confirmed that the new Leaf will feature the so-called e-Pedal which, according to Nissan, serves both as the accelerator when pressed and as the braking pedal when depressed. According to Nissan, the accelerator is the only pedal the driver needs for 90 percent of their driving time. As soon as the driver depresses the e-Pedal, the Leaf would automatically slow down and come to a full stop. The second-generation Leaf will also be installed with the ProPILOT semi-autonomous driving feature.

Source: Broom

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