Silverstone sees the largest Ferrari parade ever organised

Article by Christian A., on September 17, 2012

A new world record was set at the Silverstone circuit for the largest Ferrari parade ever organised. Although it has yet to be made official by Guinness, there leaves no doubt that the 964 Ferraris have beaten the record established in 2008 of 490 Ferrari at Japan’s Fuji Speedway Circuit. The parade’s guest of honor was Felipe Massa who led the parade while driving a 458 Spider.

The Scuderia Ferrari race driver said that the experience was “really unforgettable” with multiple cars placed in one race track. Ferrari fans were treated to an outstanding exhibition. These Ferraris had come from throughout the UK. They gathered at the Silverstone circuit as part of the Ferrari Racing Days. The event became a success due mostly due to the cooperation of the British Ferrari Owners Club.

Their efforts were for a noble cause too as Ferrari has donated £5 for each car in the parade to BEN, a British charity that supports workers from the auto industry as well as their families. Marc Gene, a special coach for drivers who joined the F1 Clienti programmes, also participated in the event.

Spectators were given the chance to closely view the Ferrari lineup such as the newest model, the F12 berlinetta, the most powerful road car that the Maranello marquee has ever built. The Guinness World Records Limited Commission is expected to confirm the record by the end of next week.

Ferrari has done extensive research in order to perfect its F12berlinetta, starting with the simultaneous development of its aerodynamics and styling with the use of CFD (computational fluid dynamic) simulations and testing in the Wind Tunnel which lasted for more than 250 hours. External and internal air flows were also focused in the research, with attention focused particularly on the thermal factors such as the radiators, heat exchangers and brakes.

Ferrari boosted the fluid dynamic efficiency on the F12berlinetta which also led to a reduction in volumes credited to the optimized packaging of its mechanical components. As a result, the F12berlinetta is by far the most aerodynamically efficient Ferrari car, with a figure of 1.12 – twice that of the 500 GTB Fiorano’s – and its downforce boosted by 76 per cent (123 kg at 200 km/h) and a reduced drag resulting to a Cd of 0.299.

Three elements – the Aero Bridge, Blown Spoiler, and aerodynamic underbody – contribute to the Ferrari F12berlinetta’s aerodynamic efficiency. The Aero Bridge makes use of the car’s bonnet to create downforce – an innovative solution used for the first time. Each side [of the car] has an aerodynamic channel that passes below a bridge found between the front wheelarch and below the A-pillar. Scoops of airflow are deflected towards the flanks where it interacts with the wake from the wheel, thus reducing drag. The Blown Spoiler, on the other hand, uses the air flows near the rear.

It boosts overall efficiency with the help of special intakes that modify the pressure field on the wheel well. The F12berlinetta’s front splitter is separated from the bumper which is also partly the reason for the modification of its flat underbody – and because of this, downforce is generated simultaneously as air flows towards the rear extractor, thus improving efficiency.

Aerodynamic dams and semi-cone diffusers are found ahead of the front wheels, assisting in the generation of downforce and cooling of brakes. The rear dam on the other hand, direct the airflow away from the wheel and at the same time, generates a vortex to isolate the underbody from the centrifugal forces generated by the rear wheels in motion.

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