Skoda Academy students unveil their dream coupe: the Atero Concept

Article by Christian A., on June 19, 2016

Skoda revealed that 26 students at the Skoda Academy have managed to create the Skoda Atero, their very own dream coupé. Unique, fully functional, and based on the compact Skoda Rapid Spaceback, this model is the third 'student car' to have been built from the brand’s vocational school. Skoda Board Member for Human Resources Bohdan Wojnar shared that similar to the previous model, the Atero is able to highlight the high level of manual skills and technological expertise displayed by the students.

He adds that the company thanks those who have supported this project. Skoda Board Member for Production Michael Oeljeklaus meanwhile added that the students worked with commitment and great zeal for this project. As with past experiences, the result remains to be an emotive, great, and distinct vehicle that everyone involved can be very proud of. By being able to create a fully functional vehicle, the brand continues the tradition, though one that is still at its early stage.

It was in 2014 when a group created the ultra-compact CitiJet convertible. A year later, another team of students built the FUNSTAR pickup. The ultimate goal of this project has always been to encourage students to showcase their creativity and expertise. The project to create the Skoda Atero started during the latter part of 2015 with the team composed of 4 women and 22 men. The development and implementation of this concept were done at the brand’s own academy located in Mladá Boleslav.

These students were able to come up with a unique unit with the support of the instructors, Production departments, and Technical Development department. Dan Voce, the team’s spokesperson, revealed that this was a unique opportunity for everyone not just to meet new people but also to make new friends. It was also a chance to test and put into practice all the theoretical knowledge learned. Overall, an estimated 1,700 working hours were needed to complete this project and the team was indeed proud to get this result, he added.

In terms of length, the two-door Skoda Atero measured 4.3 meters, proving it is indeed a compact. As such, it is difficult to think that this thing was based on the Skoda Rapid Spaceback. In fact, the conversion is said to be more comprehensive when compared to the two previous vehicles. For the Skoda Atero, the incline of the C-pillar was made sharper while the B-pillar was repositioned to the back.

The sloping roofline meanwhile starts at an earlier point while the window edge at the back of the doors are pointing upwards. Some of the other parts also experienced complex changes. Its doors have been extended while the addition of vents gives the bonnet its structure. Since the C-pillars have a new angle, the tailgate has been aligned to this.

There is now a long edge spoiler while even the tail lights have been improved. The exhaust has the large tailpipes which are surrounded by the rear bumper, which is from Skoda OCTAVIA RS. The front bumper meanwhile has a large air vent integrated to it. Further, the headlights come with LED technology and with the red backlights. While the team changed the color of the 1.41 TSI engine (92 kW/125 PS) and that of the DSG 7-speed gearbox, some modifications have been made to its chassis.

From the Skoda OCTAVIA, the students made sure to use the 18-inch wheels that come with the 'Turini' design. The wheels have been painted in a black color and have red stripes to it. At the back of the wheels on the front are the manually perforated brake discs. Painted in metallic Black Magic, the spoiler, wing, and sills of the Skoda Atero are in Corrida Red. Meanwhile the diffuser insert, air intake, and radiator, are enclosed with the red contours.

For the interior, the use of red lighting gives it that sporty atmosphere and the ambient lighting utilizes LED technology adding to its highlights. Inside are also 14 speakers with 1,800-watt audio amplifier. In the boot meanwhile is the 400-watt subwoofer. For this project, the Czech automaker wanted to highlight the high quality present in the vocational training that they offer. Founded in 1927, the brand’s vocational school offers a three-year and four-year training course in various technical subjects.

The aim is for students to get an apprenticeship diploma or leave school with a certificate that allows for university access. Overall there are a total of 14 vocational courses with around 900 full-time students, 14% of which are women. There are also an estimated 100 employees who are in the academy in order to improve their qualifications by undergoing additional training courses. Once they complete their training, all those who graduate will get a job offer from Skoda.

Press Release

Skoda Atero

26 students at the Skoda vocational school have built their dream coupé: the Skoda Atero is a spectacular car based on the compact Skoda Rapid Spaceback. The fully functional, unique vehicle is already the third 'student car' from Skoda Academy.

"Just like its predecessors, the Skoda Atero highlights our students' high level of technological expertise and manual skills. Our thanks go to everyone who has supported the project," said Skoda Board Member for Human Resources, Bohdan Wojnar.

Michael Oeljeklaus, Skoda Board Member for Production, added, "This project demonstrates what our students are capable of. The young people work with great zeal and commitment. Once again, the result is a great, emotive and unique vehicle that the colleagues involved can be very proud of."

The students have built a fully functional, unique car - in doing so, Skoda is continuing a tradition which is still in its infancy. In 2014, a team of students developed the ultra-compact CitiJet convertible. The FUNSTAR pickup followed in 2015. The aim of the project is to promote the students' expertise and creativity.

The students started work on the Skoda Atero at the end of 2015. The team of 26 from the Skoda vocational school in Mladá Boleslav - four young women and 22 young men - developed and implemented the concept together with the support of the instructors, Technical Development, Design and Production departments. "This was a unique occasion for everyone to meet new people, to form new friendships across all professions, and to test and put theoretical knowledge into practice," said the spokesman for the student team Dan Voce, adding "This project took about 1700 working hours to complete, and we are all very proud of the result."

Measuring 4.3 metres in length, the Skoda Atero is a compact, two-door coupé. It is hard to imagine the vehicle that provided the basis for the design was actually the Skoda Rapid Spaceback; the conversion was even more comprehensive than those of the two previous 'student cars'. The B-pillars have been moved to the rear, the C-pillars' incline is sharper. The sloping roofline begins at an earlier point, whilst the window edge behind the doors points upwards.

Other components have also undergone complex alterations. Vents add structure to the bonnet and the doors have been extended. The tailgate is aligned with the new angle of the C-pillars and sports a long edge spoiler; the tail lights have also been modified. The rear bumper surrounds the large tailpipes of the exhaust system, which comes from the Skoda OCTAVIA RS. A large air vent is integrated into the front bumper. The Skoda Atero's headlights feature LED technology with red backlights.

The 1.4 l TSI engine (92 kW/125 PS) and the 7-speed DSG gearbox have colour changes, the team of students made considerable changes to the chassis. The 18-inch wheels in the 'Turini' design come from the Skoda OCTAVIA. They are painted black with red stripes. Ventilated, manually perforated brake discs sit behind the front wheels.

The Skoda Atero is painted in metallic Black Magic, accessories (wing, spoiler, sills) come in Corrida Red; the radiator grille, air intake and diffuser insert are also surrounded by red contours. In the interior, red lighting creates a sporty atmosphere; ambient lighting with LED technology adds highlights. A 1,800-watt audio amplifier powers 14 speakers. Located in the boot, the subwoofer alone has a 400-watt output.

With the Skoda Atero project, the Czech car manufacturer underlines the high quality of their vocational training. The Skoda vocational school was founded in 1927 and offers three- and four-year training courses in technical subjects, leading to either an apprenticeship diploma or a school leaving certificate for university access. Currently, almost 900 full-time students, 14 per cent of whom are women, are enrolled in 14 vocational courses. Around 100 employees are currently improving their existing qualifications with further training courses. Upon successful completion, all graduates of the Skoda vocational school are offered a job at Skoda.

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