Skoda begins electric traction test on 10 Octavia Green E Line units

Article by Christian A., on January 17, 2012

ŠKODA has commenced testing a fleet of 10 electric Octavia Green E Line for electric traction in everyday operation. The test aims to increase practical experience with electric propulsion. The Octavia Green E Line is the automaker's first purely electric automobile. It is based on the Octavia Combi. The fleet is used to provide essential insights for advancing the development of electric power in vehicles, focusing on making it suitable for mass production. The modular chassis of the mass production model is suitable for holding the battery, electric motor and electronic controllers.

The electric motor provides a peak power of 85 kW as well as a maximum torque of 270 Nm immediately from the start -- ideal for inner-city driving. The Octavia Green E Line, which seats five people, accelerates to 100 kph from a standstill in only 12 seconds, with a top speed of 135 kph.

The car's electricity comes from a lithium-ion battery, which weighs around 315 kilograms and holds 26,5 kilowatt-hours in energy. It has a 150-kilometer range, which satisfies the demands of most commuters in Europe. The battery block is attached under the middle and back floor panel, and in part in the boot.

Dr. Eckhard Scholz, board member in charge of research and development, added: “ŠKODA and the entire Volkswagen Group have a long-time aim, and that is sustainable mobility based on renewable energy sources. There is no doubt electric propulsion is becoming more and more important for mobility with as low emissions as possible. Working as we are with our Group partners, we think we are making very good progress.”

When it comes to the amount of space, the Škoda Octavia is in a league of its own. Having an interior length totaling 1,782 mm, knee room is at 73 mm with the back offering headroom of 980 mm. These proportions more than prove that it is indeed setting new standards for the compact segment. The new Octavia also has the best boot volume in its class at 590 liters.

When compared to the second generation Octavia, the new model has other dimensions in the interior increased as well. While the head room in the front is larger by 8 mm, the elbow width in the front has an extra 39 mm with the rear elbow width having addition 26 mm. The increase in the interior space and that of the rear seats are mainly due to the increase in the wheelbase of 108 mm.

Furthermore, the exterior dimensions of the new Octavia are larger as well compared to the previous model with length having an extra 90 mm and width with additional 45 mm. According to Welsch, this new offering from Škoda delivers space that is typically experienced only in higher classes. The interior though is not only about space and function but looks good just as well.

Škoda shared that design chief Jozef Kabaň led a team that redesigned the new Octavia from top to bottom with the goal of building excitement on the first look. Indeed, everything on the inside has been redone by the design team. It is not wonder why this third-generation version is dynamic but remains to be elegant while having a refined, assured, and unique road presence.

Welsch says that each gap and line on the new Octavia shows the focus on detail and precision, making this new model the new unmistakable face for automobile circle. To sum up the interior of the new Octavia, it is all about offering a large amount of space while displaying elegance and tidiness. On the outside, particularly the front region, this is where the Škoda logo is now placed and by focusing on horizontal lines, gives it a confident and assured look.

For the rear, it also has perfect proportions in addition to showing classiness and precision. One standout feature is how brilliantly the usual lighting graphic has been implemented on the unique C-shaped lighting curve.

The side is another feature where the new Octavia shows more dynamism unlike that of the prior model. This is mainly due to the long wheelbase with the C-pillar being pulled further back and the overhang in the front made shorter. Aside from emphasizing its coupe-like profile, the sharp and high tornado line gives the Octavia a look as if being stretched.

There is also a new feature called the fin, which is the dynamic and upswept window line on the doors in the rear. While small, the concept is effective as it gives the model a sense of direction and a stronger appearance.

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