Skoda Kodiaq Coupe, 2 new SUVs are confirmed to roll out in China

Article by Christian A., on March 24, 2017

In a leaked image following a presentation held in China, we learned that Czech automobile manufacturer Skoda will soon unveil 2 more new SUVs in China, resulting in a four-model lineup. Of the 4 rumored vehicles, one has been revealed to the public - the seven seat Kodiaq.

The Kodiaq model will possibly receive the coupe treatment, a roofline raked to the rear end will be expected. Even though it will likely affect the Kodiaq's trunk capacity, it shouldn't be a big deal since the space inside will compensate as the SUV's interior has a large space.

Also seen on the powerpoint presentation are 2 vehicle outlines labelled "Model Q" and "Model K". There's much speculation that Model Q is foreseen to be a 2nd-generation Yeti and will be possibly built bigger to become a real to life crossover. The all new Yeti is planned to be unveiled on the latter part of the year and will likely be premiered at Frankfurt Motor Show around September and will be put on sale before this year concludes.

Notably, Model K is foreseen as a new subcompact vehicle loosely based on the Yeti. Yet we won't be all too surprised if Model K will take on the likes of the latest-generation Fabia supermini; whereas it can also be a full MQB product related to SEAT Arona and VW's Polo-based crossover. The world is interested if the Kodiaq Coupe and Model K will only be available in China or if Skoda will offer it in the global market.

As it is inevitable that Skoda vehicles will be drifting on China's roads soon, Skoda CEO Bernard Maier is still indecisive if he would be launching the said automobiles in Europe. When asked if European sales are still on the table, Maier explained that it is a very complex question to answer. The company is finding ways and considering all possibilities for increasing production including manufacturing the car directly from China and export the vehicles where there's large demand for Skoda vehicles.

He confessed that there's no simple solution as there are big issues to be discussed including the logistics, shipping costs and tariff/duty costs. Skoda's board member Christian Strube hinted in his speech that the management wanted to sell the coupe-SUV to the European market but the real problem is that they don’t have the capacity to build the vehicles that they would like to manufacture.

The Skoda line-up is set to arrive in the Republic of China by the year 2019 and will be locally produced at the Shanghai-Volkswagen joint venture. There's a big chance that Skoda will use its own company badge for the VW Atlas sold off in China as the Teramont.

But the good news is that many enthusiasts in Europe are hoping that Skoda's releases will reach Europe's shores someday. Either way, it's refreshing to know Skoda is expanding its market and time will tell if they will open up to the European market or just settle with production in China.


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