Skoda reveals 600 hp Octavia vRS to compete at the Bonneville Speed Week

Article by Christian A., on June 10, 2011

The fastest car that Skoda has ever had – the Skoda Octavia vRS special – has arrived. For a time, Skoda kept it a secret that its UK technical team in Milton Keynes was designing and building this 200mph, 590bhp model.

Skoda created the Octavia vRS to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its vRS performance flagship badge. This model will be seen at the Bonneville Speed Week, which runs from August 13 to 20.

This Skoda model will attempt the nine-mile straight and surpass the 200mph mark in the ‘2.0-litre production car’ category.

The Octavia is powered by a production-standard 2.0-litre four-cylinder TSI engine that’s equipped with a Garret turbocharger that was specially designed. It has an output of up to 590bhp and it delivers 26-28 PSI of boost pressure.

Skoda said that when compared to the standard car, this model got a boost of 380bhp and 170lb ft of torque. Skoda said that this car uses high-octane race fuel.

Aside from the extreme power changes, the one-off road-racer is built to be 80mm lower. It has been fitted with a reinforced roll cage, fire extinguishers, parachute, and window cage. It even has a race prepared intercooler. According to Director for Skoda UK Robert Hazelwood, Skoda is pushing engineering excellence to new limits with this project.

Robert Hazelwood, Director for Skoda UK, said that the 10-year relationship between the vRS badge and the United Kingdom has been a success. He added that running the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats is a fitting tribute to this historic anniversary. He remarked that while the Skoda Octavia vRS Bonneville special is an ambitious project that might surprise a few people, the new car will try to push Skoda’s engineering excellence to new heights. Entered into the ‘2.0-liter production car’ category, the Skoda vRS will be going through a straight nine-mile course.

This includes a timed mile in the middle, during which the performance of the entries will be recorded to determine the class winner. The legendary Bonneville Salt Flats commences 90 miles west of Salt Lake City, covering around 50 square miles of northwestern Utah. The Bonneville Salt Flats has been considered as an ideal place for high-speed racing. In fact, every August, the location hosts the so-called Speed Week, during which a variety of vehicles -- roadsters, belly tankers, motorcycles and diesel trucks try to test their speed capabilities.

All Skoda vRS models have been designed and developed to stir up the passion and thrill of sports car driving. These Skoda vRS models boast an extra dynamism that allows them to connect emotionally with their drivers. They also have subtle yet distinctive exterior elements that enable them to stand out from the crowd. These elements include a rear spoiler, aggressive bumpers, chromed exhaust tips and bespoke alloy wheels. The interior of the Skoda vRS, meanwhile, is fitted with new upholstery, distinct badging and smart dashboard inserts.

Press Release


Simply Clever… more than 200mph! Škoda UK is to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its iconic vRS performance flagship badge by going landspeed record racing.

A one-off modified Octavia vRS saloon has been entered into the world famous Bonneville Speed Week in August (13-20). Its aim is to break the magic 200mph barrier and join the most exclusive club in motoring.

The brand’s UK technical team at Milton Keynes has been working in secret on the vehicle for several months, with the assistance of performance software and tuning outfit REVO Technik.

The car is a factory-fresh production Octavia vRS, but some changes have been made to improve aerodynamics and performance. That includes lowering it to run almost 80mm closer to the ground and a new sub-frame which houses a race prepared intercooler.

It retains its production-standard 2.0-litre four-cylinder TSI petrol engine but the standard turbo has been replaced with a more advanced unit from respected component firm Garret. Generating up to 600PS, and producing 26-28 PSI of boost pressure, it drinks high-octane race fuel (with water methanol mix)rather than unleaded petrol.

The unique racer has been built to stringent Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) safety regulations, which means a reinforced roll cage, parachute, fire extinguishers and window cage.

Since its launch in 2001, vRS has captured the hearts of UK motorists who enjoy the thrill of sports car driving. Since then, the UK has become Škoda’slargest market for the Octavia and Fabia vRS with more than 12,000 cars sold since launch.

Robert Hazelwood, Director for Škoda UK, said: “The 10-year relationship between the UK and the vRS badge has been extremely successful. This is a landmark anniversary and going to Bonneville is a fitting tribute. It’s also an ambitious project which might surprise a few people, but Škoda is all about engineering excellence and this car is pushing that to new limits.”

The vRS is entered into the ‘2.0-litre production car’ category and will race over a nine-mile straight, which includes a timed mile in the middle. Performance through that section determines the class winner.

The legendary Bonneville Salt Flats begin 90 miles west of Salt Lake City and cover around 50 square miles of north-western Utah. It has been the spiritual home to high-speed racing for almost a century and each August a variety of hot rods, roadsters, belly tankers, lakesters, motorcycles, streamliners and diesel trucks compete in Speed Week.

For a full comparison between the standard Octavia vRS and the Bonneville car, please see the specification sheet below.

Škoda vRS models are designed to ignite the passion and thrill of sports car driving. They offer additional emotional involvement and an extra level of dynamic appeal, and stand out from the crowd thanks to their subtle but distinctive exterior features. These include aggressive bumpers, rear spoiler, bespoke alloy wheels and chromed exhaust tips. Inside, the attention to detail continues with fresh upholstery, unique badging and smart dashboard inserts.

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