Skoda may pursue plan to build more RS models, Superb might be next!

Article by Christian A., on November 14, 2016

Skoda is considering RS versions of Super executive car and Kodiaq SUV. Sportiness is increasingly becoming a key factor for hot sales at Czech carmaker Skoda. In fact, the RS models of Skoda’s Octavia nameplate (RS 220 and RS 230) have been a major source of sales for the company. In addition, the sales gap between the most popular Octavia and the RS model is also substantial.

Thus, we cannot blame Skoda if it is considering creating RS sporty versions of its other nameplates. After all, these RS models should allow the Czech carmaker to further increase its appeal and at the same time significantly hike its sales.

Can anyone confirm that Skoda is planning to create more RS versions of its other models? If we ask Michael Irmer, Director of Skoda Australia, he would say yes. He recently told the people at Motoring that the Czech carmaker is actively researching the possibility of building its next RS model.

He remarked that the company has been observing a huge interest in the Octavia RS in Australia, which means that the sporty RS sub-brand features a big potential in the land down under.

This would mean that Skoda would have another model bearing the RS badge, and this it is its Superb executive car. According to Irmer, Skoda is currently evaluating the possibility of creating a Superb RS, although the carmaker has yet to confirm this new range-toper for production. Currently the top-of-the-range Skoda Superb is an AWD version with a VW Golf R-based 2.0-liter turbo-petrol (TSI) engine at its core.

This engine develops 206 kW of output and 350 Nm to allow this version of the Superb to sprint from standstill to 100km/h in just 5.8 seconds. Once the Superb RS is given the go signal by the higher ups at Skoda’s main headquarters, it should be more powerful and a lot quicker than the Superb model just discussed.

Not only that, the new Superb RS should have a meaner and sportier appearance that would justify its RS badge. Since the Skoda Octavia RS is available with a TDI (diesel) engine, the Superb RS is expected to feature such a powerplant when it becomes available to the public.

Meanwhile, Werner Eichhorn -- serving as board member in-charge of global sales and marketing at Skoda – disclosed that the carmaker is also probing the possibility of an RS version of the new Kodiaq SUV. He quipped that Skoda is currently trying to find out whether the market for a Kodiaq is large enough to make such sporty SUV viable for production and sales. Eichhorn, however, revealed that Skoda had thumbed down an RS version of the Fabia since such a model would be too expensive for B-segment customers.

On the other hand, Eichhorn disclosed that Skoda will be releasing an updated version of the Octavia RS in the next few months. It is derived from the face-lifted Octavia that Skoda recently revealed. The new Octavia RS is expected to be unveiled at the 2017 Geneva motor show in March next year.

Source: Motor1 via The Ophiluschin

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