Superchips boosts the 1.0-liter engine found on Ford Focus models

Article by Christian A., on August 4, 2012

Superchips Ltd. is launching another product this year – an ECU remap for the diminutive 1.0-litre, 125 PS (123 bhp) turbocharged Ecoboost Ford Focus that boosts performance significantly. Superchips is widely regarded as the top automotive electronic tuning company in the world. Consumers can get the Superchips ECU remap on the company’s Bluefin ‘Plug-in and go’ DIY programming handset.

With this product, owners of the Focus 1.0-litre Ecoboost would be able to provide a fully reversible performance upgrade at an inexpensive price. The new ‘downsized’ 1.0-litre Ecoboost engine has been praised for being efficient and refined as well as for having a ‘reasonable level of urge.’

But when the units are dressed in the Focus’ 1240 kg bodyshell, it becomes clear that the Superchips remap would make cars more powerful and more responsive as well as enable them to get higher torque.

With the help of Superchips’ unique Bluefin ECU technology, the added power can be felt by 1.0-litre Ford Focus owners in just minutes and with one button click. Owners won’t need to lift the car’s bonnet. Superchips’ technicians faced the challenge of tuning Ford’s tiny, three-cylinder, direct injection turbocharged Ecoboost engine.

The company used a foolproof combination of controlled conditions in-house chassis dyno testing that was linked to real world road testing in order to be able to rewrite the ignition, fueling and boost control parameters of the 1.0-litre Focus’ Bosch MED17 engine management system. As a result, more power is produced safely, reliably, and consistently.

After dyno testing, the company was able to prove that the Superchips ECU remap for the 1.0-litre Ford Ecoboost Focus could lead to an outstanding progressive performance increase with a maximum power gain of 16 bhp at 4728 rpm. In addition, the Superchips Bluefin ECU remap for the 1.0-litre Ecoboost Ford Focus increases peak torque by 36 Nm at 2296 rpm. The overall driving experience is enhanced even further with the improved throttle response.

The next generation of the Europe-developed Ford Focus is underpinned by the carmaker’s new global C-segment platform, allowing it to be homologated to specs required in more than 120 global markets where it is being sold – with all versions sharing 80 percent of the parts. Ford’s new global C-segment platform is expected to be the base of at least 10 Ford vehicles around the world, accounting for two million units of yearly production by 2012.

Kuzak remarked that the presentation of the three Focus body styles in Paris marks a new milestone in Ford’s new global C-car strategy. He quipped that Ford will soon commence production of the new Focus -- simultaneously -- in its assembly sites in Saarlouis and Michigan. He added that this marks the realization of a vision to deliver at least 10 new vehicles from the new global C-segment platform.

Ford clarified in Paris that it is not planning to further expand the new generation Focus range with three-door or Coupé-Cabriolet versions. Kuzak remarked that having a five-door hatchback with a sleek, coupe-like design means that realizing a three-door version would be next to impossible. He quipped that the new three-model Focus range already serves its purpose – to provide a good fusion dynamic appearance and daily practicality. He added that for those seeking a vehicle that features the same design as the Focus but needs more room, they could opt for a new Ford C-Max, which is also underpinned by Ford’s new global C-segment platform.

As for a performance version of the new Ford Focus, the American carmaker has already vowed to include such a model in the lineup. In line with this promise, Ford is unveiling the new Ford Focus ST models at Paris, as powered by a Ford EcoBoost engine that is able to deliver 250 PS of output.

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