Superchips upgrades the 2010 Bmw X5 3.0d

Article by Christian A., on September 2, 2010

Superchips, the automotive electronics specialist based in the UK, revealed that it has created an ECU remap for BMW’s 245 hp 3.0-liter six-cylinder direct injection common rail diesel engine.

This powerplant can actually be found on a wide range of existing BMW models: 3 Series (E90/1/2/3), 5 Series (F07), 7 Series (F01), GT (F10), X5 (E70) and X6 (E71/2).

The engineers at the tuning company were able to boost the performance as well as the efficiency of the 3.0D engine. As a result, it optimized the fueling and turbo boost settings.

These tweaks were proven to have resulted to the performance enhancements through numerous tests, including real-world sessions and dyno tests.

Superchips' ECU remap pushes the power up by 44hp, with the unit now able to deliver 313 hp at 4,183 rpm. The power improvements are noticeable from 1,500 rpm.

The torque was upgraded by 90 Nm, with the engine now offering 627 Nm at 2,222 rpm.

Superchips chose a safety-first approach and didn’t change the factory 155 mph rev limiter. Superchips said that the ECU remap will raise the efficiency of the engine as it has taken away stock compromises that were meant to compensate for service neglect or low grade fuel.

With the help of Superchips ECU, upgrades made on the BMW 3.0 D engine did not significantly affect the frugal cost.

The key improvements include increased fuel efficiency brought by the perfect blend of optimizing performance and removing factory compromises made for low-grade fuel. Superchips confidently believes that the fuel economy changes are noticeable, together with the additional low rev torque produced by the Superchips enhancements.

The installation of the Superchips ECU remap by trained technicians can be completed by visiting one of Superchips’ performance centers.

The conversion is fully covered by a Customer Service Guarantee and a 12-month or 30,000-mile supplementary vehicle warranty. The remap for BMW 3.0 D models is directly available from Superchips and its dealer network in the UK. It can be availed for £445 (inclusive of tax and installation fees).

Press Release

Superchips Bmw X5

BMW’s 245 bhp 3.0-litre, six-cylinder, direct injection common rail power plant is arguably the most refined and potent mainstream diesel engine on sale today. However, given the nature of the brand, it’s no surprise that there is strong demand from BMW owners seeking to tailor their car’s features to their own individual driving preferences.

Hence why Buckingham based automotive electronics experts Superchips are pleased to announce the launch of a new ECU remap designed to increase the potency of the 2993cc BMW diesel engine, as found in the following popular applications:-

3 - series (E90 / 1 / 2 / 3)
5 - series (F07)
7 - series (F01)
GT (F10)
X5 (E70)
X6 (E71 / 2)
Diligent analysis of the BMW’s Bosch EDC17 ECU enabled Superchips technicians to pinpoint potential areas of improvement to both the performance and efficiency of the 3.0 D engine, involving the careful optimisation of fuelling and turbo boost settings within the revised Superchips remap. These changes have then been rigorously validated through a combination of real world road testing and extensive chassis dyno assessment.

The performance gains from the Superchips ECU remap are significant. Power increases by 44 bhp at 4183 rpm, resulting in an impressive maximum output of 313 bhp (up from a measured 264 bhp as standard.) Importantly, these power improvements are realised throughout the rev range, from 1500 rpm all the way to the rev limiter at 4500 rpm. For safety reasons the 155 mph rev limiter is left unaltered.

However, the Superchips BMW 3.0 D remap also provides a noticeable increase in torque output, resulting in a maximum gain of 90 Nm of torque at just 2222 rpm, taking the peak figures from a measured 549 Nm to 627 Nm (457 lb.ft.)

Behind the wheel the Superchips remapped BMW 3.0 D feels much more potent. Throttle response is sharper, the engine feels keener, more urgent and more willing, pulling harder throughout the rev range. Meanwhile, the additional torque available from the Superchips ECU remap enables relaxed, stress-free overtaking, cruising and towing.

And thanks to careful work of Superchips ECU experts, these performance improvements have little or no impact on the BMW 3.0 D engine’s renowned frugality. In practice the Superchips ECU remap delivers extra fuel efficiency thanks to a combination of performance optimisation and the removal of factory compromises designed to cater for service neglect or low grade fuel.

Superchips is confident that if a remapped version of any BMW 3.0 D model is driven in a ‘like for like’ manner against the standard version, owners will experience noticeable fuel economy improvements due to the additional low rev torque delivered by the Superchips upgrade.

Installation of the Superchips ECU remap for BMW 3.0 D models entails customers visiting one of approximately 80 Superchips performance centres, where trained technicians can undertake the remapping procedure.

Customers can be assured that the Superchips conversion is covered by a full Customer Service Guarantee and an industry-leading 12 month / 30,000 mile supplementary vehicle warranty.

Available now both directly from Superchips and its UK dealer network, the BMW 3.0 D ECU remap is priced at £445.00 including installation and VAT.

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