Tesla CEO Elon Musk reveals data of the car tested by NY Times

Article by Christian A., on February 17, 2013

The New York Times is rejecting Tesla Motors’ claim that its writer’s review of the Model S sedan was “fake.” Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk had recently revealed data that had supported the automaker’s claim. In a statement on Tesla’s website, Musk denies the contents of the article and said that the electric car that John M. Broder drove had never ran out of battery power.

In addition, Tesla said that Broder had driven the car faster than the article had stated. He cited the data devices on the $101,000 sedan. In an article on the New York Times website, Broder said that Musk had accused him of consciously sabotaging the test, something that he totally denies.

He revealed that he had driven normally at speeds that match the current traffic and wasn’t told before the trip that he will optimize the range by Tesla executives, which include Chief Technology Officer J.B. Straubel.

In an e-mail, Eileen Murphy, a New York Times spokeswoman, said that Broder’s story is “fair and accurate.” Tesla and the New York Times Co. are disputing one week before Tesla reports financial results for the fourth quarter of 2012 on February 20. Tesla is relying on Model S sales and the Model X crossover that is due to arrive in 2014 to contribute to its profitability.

Musk wrote that the company is “upset” by this article since it isn’t a factual representative of Tesla’s technology, which has been designed and tested to function well in various climates, whether hot or cold.

In a Twitter post on Feb. 11, Musk said that Broder’s story is “fake.” At the close in New York, Tesla had fallen by 0.4% to $38.30 today. The shares reported a 13% gain this year. In comparison, a 7% gain was reported for the Russell 1000 Index.

Tesla Model S is one of the soundest cars on the road. This high level of safety is the result of the exceptional electric powertrain that is found under the vehicle. The Model S has a low centre of gravity that lowers rollover risk. The Model S's safety record is confirmed by the car’s NHTSA and Euro NCAP 5-star safety rating as well as by being a record-holder for causing the least likelihood of harm to occupants when tested in the United States.

With active safety features that come standard such as automatic emergency braking, collision warning, blind spot detection, lane departure warning, and optional features for convenience options such as traffic-aware cruise control, autosteer, autopark, and summon, Tesla Model S is still the safest vehicle on the road.

Electric All Wheel Drive

Because it has two motors, one in front and one in the back, the Tesla Model S electronically and independently manages torque to the wheels in the front and in the rear. The outcome is unmatched traction handling in every condition. Different from normal all-wheel drive vehicles which forgo fuel economy for better traction, Tesla's Electronic All Wheel Drive system improves effectiveness.


Achieving 0-60 mph in just 2.8 seconds, the Model S is the fastest four-door sedan ever made.

Excellent handling is the product of a tremendously low centre of gravity, due to the battery pack being located along the floor pan, exactly between the axles. There is not another production car with a more perfect mass placement for optimised handling.


Removing the internal combustion engine, the Tesla Model S now has extra cargo space and provides a roomy cabin that can fit five adults and two children (rear-facing jump seats).

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