Tesla electric Semi Truck partly revealed in first teaser

Article by Christian A., on May 2, 2017

Tesla is shaking up the automotive industry once more by entering the semi-truck market. The Elon Musk-led company is set to debut its own electric semi-truck in September this year. And now, Elon Musk has given us the first sneak peek on the up-and-coming unnamed electric truck.

Tesla's head honcho Elon Musk was in Vancouver, Canada having a TED talk- discussing underground transportation. In between, he also revealed tidbits about his new electric Semi-Truck project. Furthermore, he also revealed the first ever shadowy teaser image of his Tesla Semi Truck.

The image expectedly went viral, but is not as dramatically different compared to the other concept vehicle images truck makers have revealed in the previous years. While there is an apparent rise in advanced electric techs in the passing years, it has been suited for smaller automobiles that cover shorter distances. The Semi Truck looks tall and the concept is quite futuristic, especially the headlights. And it appears there are no side mirrors present. It is possible that a camera system is fitted instead.

Earlier this month, Musk tweeted about the electric Class 8, and the reactions are not all on the positive side. Elon Musk is still mum on the specific details regarding the semi truck, but nevertheless told the attendees of the TED talk that he will outpace any classic Class 8 diesel that is available on the market today, also referring to both torque and range. He remarked that with the Tesla semi-truck, the company wants to prove that an electric powered truck can "out torque" any diesel semi. He commented further that apparently the Semi Truck is a very "spry truck and one can utilize it around the road like a sports car.

He also revealed that he even tested out the semi truck before. According to media reports, Tesla has hired Jerome Guillen for the production of the truck. Guillen previously worked for Daimler's Mercedes-Benz huge commercial vehicles. Also worth mentioning is the fact that Mercedes will be putting the Urban eTruck on sale - considered a commercial vehicle – for use in the city. Also Toyota recently revealed its own version on cargo transportation of the future with a hydrogen fuel powered semi truck.

Musk mentioned that the company is on track for a fully autonomous car ride starting from Los Angeles to New York before this year ends. The upcoming Tesla Model 3 will debut this summer and is expected to offer autopilot utilizing passive optical cameras and GPS but no light detection and ranging (LiDar) tech. The global debut for the semi truck is expected to be done in September.

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