Tesla sends upgraded charger adapters to Model S owners

Article by Anita Panait, on January 15, 2014

Tesla Motors Inc. is upgrading wall charger adapters following reports of them overheating in garages. Tesla chief executive Elon Musk told Bloomberg in an interview. “These are very rare events, but occasionally the wiring isn’t done right,” Musk said, adding that they want people to have “absolute comfort,” so they will provide them with an upgraded adapter.

Musk said that a software update provided to customers in December to address the same issue should already be helping to provide an extra margin of safety. He said that the redesigned plug adapter is another step to make sure that any overheating won’t result to fires. The redesigned adapter will feature a thermal fuse that will shut off charging if overheating is detected.

According to Tesla, its Model S and charging system didn’t cause a fire in a Southern California garage in December. The carmaker added that while there was a fire at the wall socket where the vehicle was plugged in, the Model S wasn’t burned. Investigators found that the fire had nothing to do with the battery, the Orange County Fire Authority said.

The Model S from Tesla is known to many as the first ever sedan to be purely powered with electricity. It is proof that despite all the advances in automotive engineering, evolution remains possible. In terms of range, the Model has the longest of any electric vehicle. This vehicle has managed to change what the world has come to expect from a 21st century car as it has performance and efficiency combined with safety. Further, by making sure that software updates are available over-the-air, it guarantees that the Model is continuously made better.

Powering the Model S are two motors with one placed on the front and the other positioned in the rear. In addition, the torque transmission to the wheels in the front and the rear and controlled both independently and digitally. Because of this, no matter what the situation may be, traction is truly unmatched. Further, most standard all-wheel drive models have a tendency to increase traction at the expense of fuel efficiency. The Electric All-Wheel Drive of the Model S however instead increases the efficiency while also increasing traction.

Ensuring that the Model S continues to be the safest car out there is a number of active safety features fitted as standard. These include systems like blind spot detection, collision warning, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking. Convenience features are made available as well, though as options, like autopart, autosteer, summon, and traffic-aware cruise control.

However, what truly sets the Model S apart is the use of the brand’s very own architecture. It allowed the battery to be positioned on the floor and thus give the Model S a center of gravity that is truly low. This has the advantage of significantly lowering any risk associated with a rollover. However, it also has the benefit of improving the performance and handling.

Since there is no engine to speak of, it means that compared to other performance sedans on the market, the Model S has a larger crumple zone. This is the part of the vehicle that absorbs any energy released during a front end impact. Indeed, it is this rather unique electric drivetrain under the car that guarantees that the Model S will continue to be one of the road’s safest cars.

After all, a low center of gravity means that a rollover risk is minimized. The safety record of the Model S has already been proven by being awarded 5-star safety ratings from the NHTSA and even the Euro NCAP. The Model S also underwent testing in the U.S. and it resulted in this model setting a new record for having the lowest likelihood of injury to the vehicle’s occupants.

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