Confirmed: The Grand Tour's second season is scheduled to launch this October

Article by Christian A., on June 10, 2017

The Grand Tour wrapped up its first season after 13 fiery and amusing episodes in the early part of this year. The show was considered an overall success for Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond's first series on Amazon Prime since departing from Top Gear. Amazon has disclosed to Digital Spy that The Grand Tour will be back for its second season in the latter part of this year.

The trinity consisting of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May will entertain the car followers again for their Amazon Prime comeback that is scheduled this October for the 2nd season of the highly anticipated show, The Grand Tour. When they first signed their deal with Amazon, they concurred to 36 episodes over 3 years. As the first season had 13 episodes, we will expect Season 2 to dish out at least 11 or 12 episodes.

As reported by Drivetribe, the follow-up endeavour vowed to be just as costly but there have been no additional details regarding the motoring trio and what they will do in the 2nd season. James May, in an interview with BBC's The One Show, was in his usual timid self about the specific details, however he did disclose that the allocated budget for the show is probably "still the same" with the previous season.

When they first joined Amazon, the team was given a cool budget of around £160 million. This means that on average, they can spend around £4.5 million per episode. May said that there's a lot of travel, crew and tech involved and Season 2 will be filmed in 4k, but it's boring stuff. He further commented that it's going to look the same but he can't really fully reveal about it because "you're the enemy and it's a secret!" Nonetheless, we still cannot directly decode until the first episode what will be shown on Amazon Prime this October.

Richard Hammond did reveal in his Instagram account that the second season will launch on November 19, but unexpectedly deleted the post. But not all is smooth sailing, as the show has been dealing with criticisms regarding some of the show's segment. In particular, The American received a ton of comments about it being very dumb. The gag of killing celebrities had been fun at the start but it had stretched on too much and people got tired of it fairly quickly.

We do know that the BBC legal department had a tight hold of the hosts who were instructed to follow a strict set of rules. Perhaps some of this will be revised now that a year has passed, given that the American was kinda' anti-Stig and that actual celebrity interviews were not allowed.

As of now, we know that one third of the trio, Richard Hammond, has a problem driving a motorcycle at one point. We also know that Clarkson rides a supercar, and the giant fibreglass heads of the three presenters are still journeying the world. Nevertheless, we are expecting that the second season of the Grand Tour will be worth watching and we can’t contain our excitement.


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