The Grand Tour's test track is a former RAF base

Article by Christian A., on November 30, 2016

By now, car enthusiasts around the world have just watched the first episode of Amazon Video’s “The Grand Tour”. This British television show looks into the motoring world and is produced by Andy Wilman and hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. These four names are likely to be familiar as they were all part of the celebrated Top Gear show in the past.

If anything, the three hosts are known to utilize airfields to tests cars. That said, the trio knows that they will always be unable to keep fans from finding out where the courses are located. In the first episode that aired on November 27, 2016, the hosts unveiled their course which Clarkson lovingly dubbed as the “Ebola-Drome”. The name itself refers to the virus bearing the same name due to their resemblance. While the show did not explicitly say where the airfield was, a hint was given in that it was in the vicinity of Swindon, a town in Wiltshire, South West England.

However for Jalopnik, a website which talks about the automotive industry and car culture in general, this small clue was enough. Jalopnik managed to trace the actual location to Wroughton, a former base for the Royal Air Force. The fact that the website managed to get a specific location is an interesting story by itself.

According to Jalopnik, what is interesting about the site of the course is that it is not only an old airfield but there is also a science museum in the area. A report by the Daily Mail revealed that this so-called museum is a storage facility being utilized by the Science Museum of London. Inside are at least a quarter of a million objects. The Daily Mail added that this collection includes some interesting items like the plane that Rolling Stones used in order to transport their concert equipment. There is even the Tucker Sno-Cat, the same vehicle that was used by explorers during the first ever land crossing conducted in the 1950s at Antarctica.

Meanwhile an article from the Belfast Telegraph revealed as well that inside is also the submarine that was seen in the James Bond flick, “For Your Eyes Only”. According to the Belfast Telegraph, this same storage facility was first bought back in 1980 by the Science Museum of London. In addition to the storage facility, there is also an archive building and even a library. These are all open for access to the public but an appointment has to be set first.

For those who want to catch up and see the first episode and the rest of the season, now is a good time to subscribe to Amazon Prime as the fee is currently at $79, a $20 discount.

Source: Jalopnik

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