Toyota says that U.S. supplies of Prius will recover to about 70 percent next month

Article by Christian A., on May 19, 2011

Toyota Motor Corp. anticipates that in 2012, the U.S. supplies of its best-selling Prius will go up to about 70% of typical levels this June. The earthquake in Japan had affected production at the company.

Bob Carter, group vice president for U.S. sales, said that Toyota's U.S. unit is expected to have monthly sales of about 12,000 units, or at least 36,000 Prius cars from June to August. He said that this figure will increase if Japan output recovers quicker.

At a briefing in Half Moon Bay, Calif., Carter said that supplies in the upcoming three months will be “much improved” and will be about 60-70% of normal levels. He said that by raising the supply, Toyota will be able to take advantage of the increasing demand for the gasoline-electric model due to surging fuel prices.

Earlier this year, Toyota said that its Prius may be on track to set a sales record in the U.S. But then, how the earthquake in Japan will affect Prius sales has yet to be fully estimated.

The damage to the power plants and factories has disrupted car production and had left dealers in the U.S. with limited or zero inventory. AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge website said that on May 17, the gasoline in the U.S. cost an average of $3.926 a gallon on May 17.

This is about 28% higher than the average price on Jan. 1. Carter didn’t give specific figures but he stated that Prius sales in the U.S. this month could drop compared to the prior year because of a shortage in supply.

New Toyota Prius is still the most recognizable product featuring the carmaker’s full hybrid powertrain design. This is achieved amidst Toyota continuously rolling out to new market segments its full hybrid technology through models like the Yaris Hybrid and the Auris Hybrid.

The new Prius showcases improved exterior design and interior sensorial quality, as well as enhanced instrumentation. Additionally, the new car also carries a range of affordable multimedia as well as advanced navigation systems like the Toyota Touch, the Toyota Touch Pro, and the Toyota Touch & Go Plus.

What’s more, the Prius is a front-runner in the area of technological innovation. Every generation of Prius has introduced new, high-tech features that are ahead of their time.

Launched in 2009, the third-generation Prius boasts a Head-up Display, which projects useful information on the windscreen base, including vehicle speed, the status of optional Pre-Crash Safety/ Active Cruise Control systems, and the Eco Drive Monitor.

Moreover, a Touch Tracer display switch, mounted on the steering-wheel, enables you to control the car’s audio system, as well as its air-conditioning and ECO Drive Monitor even without looking down and without taking your hands off the wheel.

Additionally, a Pre-Crash Safety system incorporates Adaptive Cruise Control and uses sensors that are positioned under the front grille in order to predict possible collisions. This system also triggers or activates a bunch of intelligent safety features, such as automatic pre-tension seatbelts, an audible Brake Assist alarm and, automatic braking. This system helps lessen impact and damage in the event of a collision.

Another valuable feature of the Prius is the Intelligent Parking Assist. It enables the car to automatically maneuver itself into your chosen parking space through the use of ultrasonic sensors and rear-view camera. This parking assist system also calculates the necessary steering movements to reverse into a parking spot. In other words, you only have to control the car’s speed, and everything else is done for you.

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