Video: 2012 MINI Coupe lives another day, another adventure

Article by Christian A., on June 21, 2011

MINI has released a set of images of the JCW version of the Coupe, showing off the vehicle in its entirety. It’s about time since enthusiasts have been teased tremendously by the spyshots and the specs that were revealed previously. MINI’s first two-seater has definitely gotten more youthful and has lost some of its aggressive guise as it leans more towards the Cooper S trim. This is clearly shown in its first commercial video titled: “Another Day. Another Adventure.”

MINI provided the initial visual impressions of the inventive “three-box” design of the sporty two-seater. The Coupe is shown being driven though exotic sites like Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, and Iceland.

The Coupe is basically similar to a compact GT car, which is ideal for going on adventures. The reveal film was made with the same style as a movie trailer. It is actually the preview of three new commercials that will broadcast starting in September.

In the portions of the video where Rio is shown, the mark of Cesar Charlone, the Oscar-nominated cameraman behind “City of God”, is evident. The MINI Coupe is offered in four versions.

The three petrol versions consist of 1.6-liter four-cylinder engines. The base model has an output of 122 hp while the JCW can deliver up to 211 hp. A 2.0-liter diesel is also offered in the SD.

The MINI’s "three-box" design concept will be seen first in this model. This concept is named as such because its body, wraparound glass and roof comprise three boxes assembled on a horizontal plane. The primary difference from the Cooper hatchback is the use of the bubbled-up roof and a retractable wing at the back.

The Mini Coupe has a wide appeal and despite the changes done, it continues to boast a stunning exterior and remain identifiable as one of the frontrunners of the Mini group.

Using this as a guideline, any re-interpretation of the classic Mini design must ensure it abides by the key principles which made the Mini so iconic on the UK's roads.

Taking purposeful strides in this direction, the new model combines a selection of sleek curves, exciting lines and a surface which makes it clearly recognizable as a Mini. Nevertheless, it has moved forward in an exhilarating new way.

But it isn't just aesthetics that the new Mini has changed as there are also innovative changes inside the vehicle too. The 2012 Mini is the first to encompass the three-part structure which traditionally has been made up of the engine, cabin and the boot. The length and width remain the same but the height is in fact 29 mm lower. This improvement gives the Mini a much more forceful look, going forward. This change in height however does not affect the comfort of the driver or passenger especially now that Mini has created oval recesses in the headlining above both seats to provide some extra headroom.

Anders Warming, Head of Design, has managed to create a Mini Coupe with a distinct profile. Whether it is the body, the wrap-around windscreen or the helmet design roof, there is no doubting the aero-dynamism of the Coupe, especially in comparison with the Mini Hatch.

Spoilers at the rear of the roof and another housed in the bootlid contribute to even better optimisation of the air flow around the vehicle and improve road balance and grip, a first for the Mini Coupe. The second spoiler will deploy automatically once you reach 50mph and retract once you drop below 37mph. This spoiler can be operated manually should you wish it in the control panel.

The large central circular speedometer has returned along with chrome toggle switches and an incredibly spacious luggage area. At 280 litres, a full 20 litres larger than the Clubman, the area is equally accessible to anyone inside the car as well as via the boot.

The Coupe keeps up Mini’s promise of simplicity and provides an area suitable for a wide range of needs.

From daily commutes to weekends away or a more adventurous trip, the Coupe delivers excellent value.

Tried and tested engines

Mini engines go from strength to strength and the Coupe contains one of the latest BMW four-cylinder engines. Available in either petrol or diesel, the range for these engines goes from 122hp/90 kW in the Mini Cooper Coupe to 211 hp / 155 kW in the Mini John Cooper Works Coupe in the petrol and 143 hp /105 kW in the Cooper SD and 184 hp / 135 kW in the Cooper S.

Fuel efficiency remains as excellent as ever with the John Cooper Works Coupe stretching to 39.8 mpg and an astonishing 65.7 mpg in the Cooper SD. CO2 emissions remain low at 114g/km in the SD and 165/km in the John Cooper Works Coupe.

The full technical specification for each model is given below.

Finally the Mini Coupe is a triumph in engineering and the Cooper SD may well be the best of the bunch yet, with the greatest fuel efficiency, lower emissions and real kick which translates to an SD variant that can reach 62 mph in under eight seconds and has a top speed of 134 mph.

The Cooper SD has a BIK value of 13%. And with zero road tax in the first year, it is clear why company car drivers and fleet managers will be more than interested in what the Mini Coupe is offering.

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