Vladimir Putin’s 850 hp limo debuts at his inauguration

Article by Christian A., on June 11, 2018

A week ago, we spoke of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s up-and-coming limo that was scheduled to make its debut during his inauguration. And we weren’t disappointed when the massive limo finally was presented. The limo is actually how we imagine a hybrid of a Mercedes-Benz S Class and a Rolls-Royce Phantom would be like.

Putin’s limo is referred to with the code name Kortezh or cortege in English (which directly means entourage or procession). The front fascia features a large chrome grille with vertical slats that accentuate the limo’s considerable size. It features rectangular headlights that evoke an image of the Chrysler 300. As you move onto the back, the rear glass flows back to a long tail, and the taillights look a lot like those on the S-Class.

Unsurprisingly, we don’t have much technical information about Putin’s limo, for obvious reasons. But according to sources, the limo uses a turbocharged V12 with 850 horsepower (634 kilowatts) that was achieved with assistance from Porsche engineering. The engine works with a Russian-designed nine speed automatic gearbox. Under the Kortezh’s skin, we expect an abundance of armour, communication, and security technology.

It was also reported that Putin spent a lot of his time developing the limo. He has also been known to have test-driven the prototypes. In fact, the country now plans to use the big vehicle’s engineering as a standard for a minivan, SUV, and smaller sedan. This is said to be applied to total of 5,000 units. The vast majority would be for Russian government offices and security services. And in all likelihood, some of these units will also be accessible to ultra wealthy Russian consumers as well.

In related news, United States president Donald Trump will also be getting his new presidential limo, which is already on its way to the White House. This model might look like a Cadillac on the exterior but underneath that body is a heavy duty truck frame. The strong underpinnings allow it to fit a generous amount of armour and bullet proof resistant glass that contribute to the vehicle’s heavy weight. The limo is said to weigh somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 pounds.

The last time we spoke about Vladimir Putin’s limo was a few weeks ago, and we mentioned that the vehicle not only is comfortable enough for the leader to sit in. It also features a lot of cool things, aside from the fact that it was made from high quality materials. In fact, the car went through several crash tests and it had been ensured that the car can crush its opposition without even getting a scratch.

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