Volkswagen offers range of accessories for 2011 Touareg SUV

Article by Christian A., on April 20, 2011

Volkswagen has recently launched a new set of aftermarket accessories for owners of the Touareg SUV to choose from. It is undeniable that the Volkswagen Touareg is one of the most admired and coveted SUVs currently on the market.

It has a stunning appearance and it boasts of a highly potent engine and plenty of engines that can suit everyone’s needs. Even the fussiest consumers won’t complain of what Volkswagen has prepared for them.

This model’s optionals list includes the new underbody protection kit for the Touareg’s front and the back. This kit has a two-tone color (black and silver) and it’s intended to protect the car’s underbody from solid objects like rocks or dirt.

For the wheel arches, there are wide plastic protectors that are offered in black or the same color as the vehicle. Volkswagen also offers a new bigger roof spoiler that supposedly improves its entire aerodynamics.

If you’re more concerned about increasing your cargo space, you can ask for the aluminum cross bars with the embedded rubber supports so that it can carry a roof box or other accessories to take bicycles, snowboards and skis.

Volkswagen also offers a new set of “Dolomit” 21-inch alloy wheels that have a five-spoke design. When the car is moving, anyone looking at it will be mesmerized by the visual effect created by each spoke being doubled by a thinner one.

The Volkswagen Touareg SUV has undergone an update to both its engine and appearance to emphasise impressive performance. Style-wise, the vehicle has been made to look more dynamic with its modified proportions. Klaus Bischoff, Volkswagen’s Design head led his team to upgrade the Touareg line’s prestige level consistent with the company’s new aesthetic philosophy. This can be seen in the horizontally-aligned front end with its unique headlamps, as well as the back which retains the VW Touareg appearance with the recognisable rear lights, but looks sleeker and sportier. In all, this version retains its classic style but adds more elegance and sportiness for a stronger presence.

A main design objective was to update the design while retaining the recognisable Volkswagen Touareg look and overall Volkswagen spirit, which projects both superiority and individuality. This was a difficult task, given that today’s international automotive market now features more segments and models. To distinguish the Touareg from the rest of the vehicles in and out of its class, Volkswagen made it look more premium and advanced, but also made its style retain a degree of conservatism to reflect sustainability. The result is a new, distinct-looking SUV with the Volkswagen styling DNA, with the horizontally-oriented Volkswagen front end, and a longer, sleeker body.

The Touareg Front

Volkswagen’s introduction of the Scirocco also showed their updated Design DNA, from which an updated “face” style has been adapted for all their new vehicles in every class. The new common factor that identifies a Volkswagen vehicle is the clean horizontal orientation of key design elements including the upper radiator grille’s shiny black trim with chrome strips, the headlamps aligned with the grille, the middle section of the front fender coloured the same as the body, and the lower air intake with a U shape and chrome trim frame. But it should also be pointed out that the Touareg can still be clearly and separately identified from other Volkswagen vehicles.

Volkswagen vehicles may all have the common “face” scheme but each segment displays distinguishing features, details and proportions from the bonnet styling, the fender shapes and the design of the headlamps. Therefore, each Volkswagen line “face” is still recognisable as its own. The Touareg is the first Volkswagen luxury vehicle to adapt this new “face” style for its front end.

The VW Touareg combines dynamism and sturdiness with elegance and sophistication. The sportive appeal is brought in part by the V-shaped bonnet and robust shoulder form. The clean and clear surfaces bring class and prestige to its image.

The Touareg’s powerful character is also brought out by the front horizontal band which has the flattened grille, the VW insignia and polygonal headlights. These are consistent with the company’s design DNA. The lower chrome radiator grille insert extends to the headlamps which taper toward the grille.

The dual headlamps are designed for both form and function. These feature inner lights in a functionally sophisticated layout. It is possible for customers to select from three versions: halogen, bi-xenon and bi-xenon with Dynamic Light Assist (continuous main beam).

Below the front fender’s middle segment, which is painted the same as the body, are the lower air inlets. For the Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid and Touareg V8 TDI, the centre inlet features another U-shaped frame and has chrome fins. The fender’s lowest segment contains the fog lamps and the radar for the optional adaptive cruise control system (ACC plus Front Assist).

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