Volkswagen unveils the eT! Concept

Article by Christian A., on November 18, 2011

Volkswagen has been around for more than sixty years. All those years, the maker of the well-loved Kombi van had turned Volkswagen into a household name (since most companies trusted Volkswagen for delivering couriers among many others).

It comes as no surprise why the German brand is working toward the future of transport and mobility. Only recently, the company formed a committee involving the University of Art Brauschweig, the German Post Office and the Volkswagen Group Research. Needless to say, the countless initiatives of this group gave birth to a new concept vehicle especially made for the logistics and delivery industry.

eT! Concept vehicle, as explained by Prof. Dr. Jurgen Leohold, embodies all the basic requirements of customers who are running the courier and delivery services. Also, they have done all the necessary research to help them develop an ideal vehicle for the future. In line with this, the Volkswagen Group Research Director mentioned about focusing on zero emissions driving, semi-automatic driving functions and aesthetically motivated design standards. Leohold also said that his team developed the eT! based on the technologies we have today while also taking inspirations from the previous years.

As a matter of fact, the eT! concept could be the beginning of lightweight commercial vehicles. All the necessary details to deliver semi-automatic, zero-emission and sustainable transportation are applied on the concept.

The German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety backs up the eT! project. Meanwhile, Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber also has something to say about the concept vehicle. The spokesperson for the Board of Management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles said that the eT! combines a wide range of innovation that will be highly useful in the field of logistics. That includes semi-automatic and electric driving which will make everyday tasks more systematic. Thus, this type of vehicle is a good concept for the future.

As far as we can tell, the day-to-day work routine of courier drivers and mail delivery personnel will be shorter, safer and made even simple. The eT!’s semi-automatic function can follow the delivery guy from one place to another using the “Follow ME” command. On the other hand, the courier staff can also activate the vehicle’s “Come to me” button to send deliveries even without any driver behind the wheels.

Aside from the easy breezy technology, the eT! can be operated using the “drive stick” located at the passenger’s side. The concept vehicle also features a standing seat for easier access. In fact, they had done all the necessary adjustments to create a wider door and workspace so that the delivery person can get hold of the parcels more quickly.

Press Release

eT! is electrically powered and drives semi-automatically on command

For over 60 years now, commercial vehicles from Volkswagen have maintained a visual presence on the world's streets. They are helpers in everyday life, which bring us people goods, services, postal deliveries and occasionally emergency assistance as well. Volkswagen Group Research, which is responsible for the world of tomorrow, together with the German Post Office ('Deutsche Post AG'), which is one of the largest customers of lightweight commercial vehicles – as well as the University of Art at Braunschweig – formed a think tank on future transport and mobility issues. Finally, these research activities led to a completely new vehicle concept for the delivery and logistics field: eT!

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Leohold, Director of Volkswagen Group Research: "We analysed process flows and customer needs in detail, and from these analyses we derived ideas on how the segment of delivery and courier vehicles could be further developed over the long term. In this context, we focused on zero-emissions driving and available space in urban areas, semiautomatic driving functions that offer relevant support and simplify work processes and the integration of new communication technologies. On top of that, we also set out to design a very emotionally appealing commercial vehicle. To attain these goals, our teams not only looked towards the future from the past, but also worked from a future perspective to implement an advanced development concept based on technologies available today."

The eT! research vehicle could someday actually revolutionise the world of lightweight commercial vehicles. Completely reconceptualised, driven with zero emissions, thought through to the last detail and driving semi-automatically if necessary! Just how wide-ranging the significance of this research project could be for sustainability in the transportation field is underscored by the support for the eT! project by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. "The eT! research vehicle," explains Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber, spokesperson for the Board of Management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, "unifies a whole gamut of innovative functions, which will gain in future importance, specifically for logistics businesses. In particular, the possibility of driving the car semi-automatically – and electrically – in downtown areas unifies economical and environmental aspects more systematically than ever. As a vision of the future, the eT! Is showcasing what is the maximum feasible technology for electric vehicles in the commercial market today with a special design that systematically addresses future customer needs."

"eT! is a pure electrically powered transporter that systematically transfers E-mobility to the area of commercial use," says Dr. Rudolf Krebs, Group Manager for Electric Traction at Volkswagen AG. And continues: "As a transport specialist, the eT! is advancing to become the automotive building block for an innovative, future-oriented logistics concept, which not only drives with zero emissions in urban areas – thanks to its electric wheel hub motors – but also offers maximum freedom in manoeuvering and turning as well as optimal utilisation of the vehicle's interior space. If 'refuelled' with electricity generated from renewable energy sources, the eT! can indeed be operated with zero emissions. Naturally, the eT! is not a vehicle which – unlike the Golf or up! with an electric motor – could become available very soon. But we must make plans today for what the world of lightweight commercial vehicles might look like starting in the second half of this decade, including with regard to electrical drives."

To make the working world of mail delivery personnel and courier drivers simpler and safer, to optimise the logistics of delivery and to shorten delivery times, eT! can be operated semiautomatically in certain situations. The car can follow the delivery person from house to house ("Follow me"), or the car can return to the delivery person on command ("Come to me") – driverless! As an alternative, the driver can direct the car's movements via a 'drive stick' from the passenger's side that also offers a standing seat and quick access to the vehicle. On the passenger's side – the side that faces the sidewalk and therefore the working area of the delivery person – there is therefore an electrically opening sliding door that opens to 2 different stages; this enables extremely quick entry into the vehicle as well as quick access to the mail parcels. This makes unnecessary walking movements around the vehicle a thing of the past.

Variants of this lightweight transport vehicle could be implemented for all conceivable business uses. And these derived concepts are also the focus of research activities. Meanwhile, the eT! concept shown in a world premiere at the Design Centre of Potsdam was specially designed for delivery of mail shipments of all types. The research vehicle will now be integrated in a driving test study and further analysed.

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