Volvo files trademark for S50 name, raising speculations about a future sedan model

Article by Christian A., on August 1, 2017

When a company files a trademark application for a certain name, it usually means that it wants to exclusively use such moniker and effectively prevent others from using it. Of course, there are a number of other reasons why a company would apply for a patent. Just recently, Swedish auto maker Volvo filed a trademark application for the name “S50,” sparking several hypotheses on the company’s future plans.

The filing of a trademark for the “S50” name could that Volvo is planning to create a new product. It could be a future product being conceptualized or even a vehicle that is already in the works. For such a new product to use the S50 name, Volvo would want to keep the moniker from being used by other carmakers.

Volvo has never used the name “S50” to name its products. If we look at how the brand typically names its models, an S means that it would be sedan, with V standing for a wagon and XC for a sports utility vehicle. This was made clear especially with the carmaker’s new 90 series, with the S90 being a sedan, the V90 a wagon and the XC90 an SUV. It would only be logical to assume that a future product is in the concept or in the works, in the form of a sedan and it would be called the Volvo S50.

Volvo applied the “50” moniker to its products before. This was the case of the V50 wagon that was introduced in 2004. However, the V50 was basically the wagon version of the Volvo S40 sedan.

Just recently, an image of the purportedly official XC40 was leaked on the German Web site of Volvo. Set to be released later this year as a 2018 model, the Volvo XC40 marks the Swede carmaker’s entry into the small premium SUV segment. Volvo has yet to release new technical specs for the new XC40 compact SUV, but it is known to be the first model of the carmaker to be underpinned by its new Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), which would also underpin future Volvo models. Considering what Volvo did to name the wagon version of the S40 sedan as the V50, it would also be possible that the S50 could be the sedan version of the XC40 compact SUV.

However, the game of speculations is still beginning. There are also theories saying that the S50 won’t be a sedan, but a four-door coupe, continuing the C30 two-door coupe that was stopped in 2013. Moreover, there are also speculations that the S50 would be a sports car.


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