Volkswagen trainees unveil new Golf GTI Heartbeat

Article by Christian A., on May 27, 2016

Participants to the international meeting of GTI fans held in Austria were given a treat after 12 trainees hailing from both Volkswagen and Sitech Sitztechnik unveiled the newest VW Golf GTI Heartbeat, capable of 400 PS (295 kW).

Under the brand’s Vocational Training project, these 12 young talents obtained a significant amount of specialist skill and expertise and then evolved to become a strong team.

They were under the supervision of project manager Holger Schülke. According to Peter Christ, the Head of Automotive Technology Training in the brand’s Wolfsburg facility, in the process of creating their ideal GTI, the trainees were able to learn the complexities involved in manufacturing automobiles.

The brand, he said, choose the trainees from a pool of talented people in order to offer them the chance, at this early stage, to be able to learn from more experienced colleagues of the company. These include those from the MultiMedia Center, design departments, pilot hall, and even paint shop, he added.

This new Golf GTI Heartbeat version is the ninth project vehicle to be presented by trainees and to make its world debut during the Wörthersee meeting. The VW Vocational Training has been conducting this program since 2008.

Exterior Design

The version presented by the trainees was inspired by the sentiment given by the GTI as well as the Golf GTI’s 40th anniversary. This influence is evident on the design of the exterior and interiorm especially on the contrasting color theme, heartbeat symbols, and honeycomb design.

It also boasts of a fantastic sound from its 1,360-watt sound system with 7 speakers. Using the Golf GTI Performance as the basis, the new and unique GTI was made in less than 9 months using the different ideas proposed by the trainees aged from 20 and 26 years, practicing in five various vocations. On the outside, this two-door sports car comes with the reflex silver metallic paint contrasted with the dark grey foil present on the roof and its front end.

In addition, since the GTI honeycombs are in bright tornado red, this also contrasts with light grey and dark color. As such, it highlights the wings, closed roof, and bonnet, by giving a transitioning look from dark and then to light. It also comes with an individual high-gloss body kit with 20-inch wheels covered by wide tires fitted on the BBS aluminum rims carrying exclusive paintwork. This highlights the car’s sporting appearance even more.

Interior Design

The interior is just as excellent. In the front of its passenger compartment, there are two folding bucket seats that are based on the VW Golf GTI Clubsport S. Its headrest has a "40" emblem that has been embroidered in crystal grey, while the back rest has a honeycomb perforation with a red background.

These are seen as well on the door inserts. The continuous lines have the heartbeat symbols and decorated strips that are just on top of its door trims while the trim strip is found underneath its glove compartment. On the rear, instead of having rear seats or even luggage space, it has the high-end 1,360-watt sound system with seven speakers. The same back area even has the special HIFI system that has engraved glass covers and LED lighting.

Indeed, the VW Golf GTI Heartbeat is proof that the training the brand offers is indeed of high quality. The team, composed of seven men and five women, did everything themselves, from coming up with the original idea to its official premiere at Maria Wörth before thousands of GTI enthusiasts. In discussing what to build, the trainees traded a number of ideas and methods before eventually deciding on the emotional Heartbeat concept.

After that, all that was needed was assembling the Golf GTI Heartbeat with its wide wheels. As mentioned earlier, the trainees are studying five disciplines, including automotive mechatronics technicians, process technicians that specialize in in rubber and plastic engineering, technical product designers, vehicle interior fitters, and vehicle paint technicians.

Press Release

VW Golf GTI Heartbeat

12 trainees from Volkswagen and Sitech Sitztechnik presented their 400 PS (295 kW) VW Golf GTI Heartbeat in Austria at the international meeting of GTI fans. Fantastic sound, a contrasting color scheme, a honeycomb design and heartbeat symbols as well as a sound system with 1,360 watts from seven speakers make it quite clear: the interior and exterior design of the Volkswagen Golf GTI Heartbeat presented by the budding carmakers is inspired by the emotion of the GTI and the 40th anniversary of the Golf GTI. The unique GTI based on a standard Golf GTI Performance was created in slightly less than nine months on the basis of ideas developed by apprentices aged between 20 and 26 training in five different vocations.


The two-door sports Golf is painted in reflex silver metallic with the roof and front end covered in a contrasting dark grey foil. GTI honeycombs in bright tornado red with contrasting dark and light grey provide further design accents on the bonnet, the closed roof and on the wings, marking the transition from dark to light. In addition, an individual high-gloss body kit and 20-inch wheels featuring wide tires on BBS aluminum rims with exclusive paintwork accentuate the car's sporting presentation.


The front of the passenger compartment is dominated by two folding bucket seats from the VW Golf GTI Clubsport S - decorated by a crystal grey embroidered "40" emblem on the headrest and honeycomb perforations with a red background on the back rests. These are repeated on the door insets. Heartbeat symbols on continuous lines decorate the strips above the door trims and the trim strip below the glove compartment. Instead of rear seats and luggage space, the rear end of the car features a high-end sound system with 1,360 watts from seven speakers and a special HIFI system with LED lighting and engraved glass covers.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI Heartbeat bears witness to the high-quality practically oriented training provided by Volkswagen. From the initial idea to today's world premiere before tens of thousands of GTI enthusiasts at Maria Wörth, the five women and seven men planned almost every step themselves. After discussing many ideas and techniques, they opted for the emotional Heartbeat concept. Finally, they assembled their Golf GTI Heartbeat on its wide wheels.

They are training to be vehicle interior fitters, vehicle paint technicians, automotive mechatronics technicians, a technical product designer and a process technician specializing in plastics and rubber engineering. By working on the Volkswagen Vocational Training project, the young talents gained considerable specialist expertise and skill and grew into a strong team together with project manager Holger Schülke.

"During the creation of their dream GTI, our apprentices learn about the complexity of automobile production," says Peter Christ, Head of Automotive Technology Training in Wolfsburg. "We select especially talented young people and give them an opportunity at an early stage to learn from experienced colleagues from the entire company - for example from the design departments, the MultiMedia Center, the pilot hall and the paint shop."

The VW Golf GTI Heartbeat is the ninth GTI project vehicle of Volkswagen Vocational Training to be presented by apprentices and to make its world debut at the Wörthersee meeting since 2008.

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