VW issues stop-sale order for Golf and GTI in the US and Canada

Article by Christian A., on July 10, 2014

Volkswagen has issued an order to its dealers in the United States and Canada to stop selling 813 units of its new Golf and GTI hatchbacks due to a mistake in assembly that could lead to steering problems. According to a stop-sale order sent to dealers and obtained by Automotive News, the front stabilizer links in the affected vehicles were installed with too little torque and as a result could come loose over time and make “considerable noise.”

If the links detach entirely, drivers would find it harder to turn the steering wheel, leading to a possible crash. According to the stop-sale notice, the issue covers a total of 2,001 vehicles in the United States and 446 vehicles in Canada.

It includes 705 unsold units in the US and 108 undelivered vehicles in Canada. VW spokesman Mark Gillies told Automotive News in an e-mail that some vehicles were unaffected by the issue and can still be sold. He added that the carmaker VW has notified the US National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration of the issue, which means the cars may recall units already sold.

He remarked that VW has not received any complaints from customers over the problem. The issue is expected to affect early sales of the GTI, which was rolled out in the US in May. It is also expected to affect the launch of the new Golf in the US, which is slated for August. VW have been selling the compact cars in Europe for more than a year.

When the new VW Golf GTI design became the focus of discussion, the first topic to address would be the vehicle’s technical structure. This is due to the fact that the new Volkswagen Golf GTI has a base from the all-new modular transverse matrix (MQB). The technological mark that this phrase, with the words "modular" and "transverse matrix", leaves refers to the impressive potentiality connected to the MQB. This abbreviation stands for a fully new design framework for the Golf (as well as many other VW models). And this new framework is what many consider as an extremely welcome gift from the VW designers, as they can now realise completely new vehicle dimensions. This seventh generation of Golf GTI is an excellent example of this.

More vibrant dimensions

As opposed to the prior model, the wheelbase was 53 mm longer, to 2,631 mm, but, simultaneously, the front overhang was 12 mm shorter. At the same time, the A-pillar "meandered" further to the back. This makes the bonnet lengthier, and shifts the complete vehicle’s cabin visually to the rear. This "cab-backward” effect marks the GTI as belonging more in the premium rather than the compact car class. Also, GTI’s height was is 27 mm lower, to 1,442 mm. The car grew 55 mm in length to 4,268 mm, and the width is 13 mm broader, to 1,799 mm. These values add up to a significant result: the dimensions of the all-new Golf GTI realised undeniable dynamic gains.

Design uses GTI insignia

The design team systematically exploited the potentiality of dimensions to provide the GTI with a more remarkable posture on the road than ever. Similar to the very first Golf GTI, this seventh generation also boasts of the classic GTI insignia. On this new model, there is a red trim strip along the radiator’s grille that extends to the headlamps. Also typical for the GTI VII are the extra air inlets in spoiler up front; a honeycomb structure for their screens; upright fog lamps; xenon headlamps with distinct light characteristics; the bigger rear spoiler; distinct, ample tailpipes for the exhaust system arranged further outboard, and alloy wheels specially created for the VW Golf GTI.

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