VW hailed as the best-selling automaker worldwide

Article by Christian A., on February 2, 2017

Finally, Volkswagen hits the headlines with more positive news. Despite the Dieselgate controversy, the German manufacturer has managed to turn the tides and has become the world’s bestselling automaker for 2016.

It seems as if the whole world knew already how Volkswagen could take over Toyota in the last twelve months. As a matter of fact, some analysts have already seen it coming since October last year.

In 2016, Volkswagen has sold over 10.3 million vehicles globally while Toyota has only sold over 10.1 million in total. Volkswagen’s annual sales report consists of cars, trucks and buses while much of the sales increase comes from its Chinese market. But then again, the surprising twist of fate could be due to the reduced tax on smaller vehicles during the first quarter.

Or, it could also be due the tweets made by US President Donald Trump about imposing bigger border taxes on car companies manufacturing outside the US. Toyota as we know has already invested outside the United States by building a new plant in Mexico. This might have influenced Japanese brand’s sales performance one way or another.

With that being the case, analysts may now agree that the overall sales of both companies for the rest of the year now largely depends on the US market. According to Commerzbank analyst Sascha Gommel, it’s now up to the US market if Volkswagen can stay on top of Toyota this 2017. Furthermore, since Toyota has more exposure in North America, the analyst said that in case the European and Chinese markets continue to be strong and the US market continues to decline, the German manufacturer may likely stay ahead this year.

Volkswagen benefited last year from the increase in its sales in Europe by up to 4.21 million. There is of course the growing demand for Volkswagen vehicles in China by at least 12.2% every year. The German brand has in fact become China’s biggest automotive manufacturer with up to 3.98 million in sales. Analysts in the car industry are very much aware of the fact that China could overcome Europe as Volkswagen’s largest market. Skoda, SEAT, Porsche and Audi are also under Volkswagen.

As a whole, it seems that Toyota is comfortable at where it is now. Aside from launching the all-new Camry, Toyota has been busy developing its new products that would deliver more passion to their design and driving experience. In the meantime, let us all watch out for yet another close competitor to the number one spot in the coming year. Who knows, Renault Nissan Alliance could also take the lead.

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