VW Scirocco and Beetle rumored to get axed

Article by Christian A., on May 9, 2017

When most of us are asked what the most recognizable Volkswagen vehicle is in history, probably the first thing that we would think of is the iconic Beetle. With around 21.5 M units distributed worldwide, there's no denying that the classic Beetle is considered one of the most popular vehicles in history.

However, all good things must come to an end, as the hard top Beetle variant is now being considered to be put on the chopping block due to the poor sales. Not only is the hardtop Beetle is loomed to be retired, but the Scirocco may also soon disappear from the brand's lineup.

Due to the slow sales of the senior models, the time has probably come to end the Beetle and the Scirocco lineage. Volkswagen board member Arno Antlitz disclosed to Autocar that the Beetle and Scirocco are considered to be solid models of an emotional and charismatic class of automobiles, but it is not always about extending cars from one gen to the next. If rumours are to be true, then the Beetle Convertible will be at least happy, as the talks say that it will be given a slim reprieve due to the fact that is more sellable compared to its hardtop variant.

However, this is not true in some markets. Around April of this year, VW has delivered 3,096 models of the coupe and 2,309 convertibles in the United States so far. These number of units recorded were identical for 2016 when the German company distributed around 9,380 hardtops and 5,387 open roof units.

For the Beetle, the German automaker is also considering its retirement of the iconic vehicle for a while now. The unit's poor sales raised concern within the company and they are now apprehensive if they will continue to spawn next-gen units of the said unit, even before the financial damage brought about by the Dieselgate scandal.

Volkswagen Group are on their toes to resort to cost cutting measures following the Dieselgate scandal, and now rumours have circulated that the motorcycle builder Ducati will be probably put on the market to deal with their financial damage. The German automotive company has supposedly asked probable buyers if they are interested to purchase the motorcycle producer, but as of now there is still no official announcement yet if this will plan will push through in the coming days. Ducati is owned by the German automotive manufacturer Audi through its Italian subsidiary Lamborghini. All of these brands all fall under the German company powerhouse Volkswagen group.

Volkswagen has blown billions of dollars due to Dieselgate in the U.S. alone. So far, the German company has settled with the U.S. government for the cost of over $4.3 billion dollars. It doesn’t end there, as there is an additional $14.7 billion civic penalty due to the 2.0 L TDI, 1.2 billion for the 3.0 L and an added $1.2 billion to the company's dealers. So is this goodbye for the Beetle and the Scirocco? Only time will tell. Unless there’s official confirmation, we’d prefer not to grieve just yet.

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