Concept S from Zotye looks like Chinese Lamborghini Urus

Article by Christian A., on April 17, 2017

When it comes to automakers, many are familiar with those coming from Europe. China appears to be slowly catching up with a host of new companies joining the auto manufacturing business. One of these is Zotye Auto which was established in 2005 and is based in Yongkang, Zhejiang.

Zotye caught the public’s eye when it unveiled the SR9, a clear, if not blatant, copy of the Macan from Porsche. Heads are turning once again as the Chinese automaker recently revealed that it will be presenting a new concept on this year’s Shanghai Auto Show. Styled as the Concept S, the company said it is inspired by the Lamborghini Urus. Those familiar with their work though knows what inspired really means.

Initial preview has not helped at all as the two sketches are appalling, to say the least. The images though show that both the rear section and the side profile are undoubtedly similar to the Urus. It even has the same squared wheel arches and the similar doors. Even the taillight and the bumper are the same. The only difference would be that the rear end has six tailpipes.

To be fair though, the front section is original and unique. While the bumper in this section may appear to be like that of the Urus, the company managed to put its own interpretation of it. Distinct as well are the bumper and the thin air intakes, with the latter having the small headlights attached to them.

As the company isn’t known for caring much when it comes to proprietary rights, it won’t come as a surprise to many that once the Concept S reaches the production stage, it would come out looking similar to the Urus.

Analysts are saying that these attempts to come out with designs similar to those released by their Western counterpart could be an attempt by Chinese automakers to sustain the local industry.

That does not excuse them though for blatantly copying design features. For Zotye, the issue is not limited to the Concept S as towards the end of March, the company presented the SR9, their version of the Macan. Zotye, to their credit, took it a step further and to make it stand out, it made a pink version of the SR9. The company called it as “Nunsheng” which is translated to “Goddess.” To be strict about it though, the term translates better to a “woman who is admired by others” and is usually used in China to refer to celebrities.

Going back to the pink SR9, the color is not limited to the exterior as it is the same for the interior. Almost everything is in pink and contrasted by cream white leather. Zotye proudly says that female owners will be allowed to have their initials embroidered to its headrests. Though the standard SR9 is priced at $15,790 in China, the “Nunsheng” is expected to be at least $26,000.

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