ICON turns a 1946 Oldsmobile into another Derelict project

Article by Christian A., on December 12, 2016

Jonathan Ward created ICON as a response to the growing demand in the collector market. There has been a growing demand for classic cars and so were the modern demands that had come with it. More people are being drawn to classic styling but to keep up with the modern times, one must also be equipped with the latest technology and performance. And that is exactly what ICON aims to do. ICON supports car enthusiasts and patrons with a classic yet unique taste for design and function, creating some of the most stunning custom builds.

One of their projects is the ICON Derelict series of cars. Built in Los Angeles, Ward and his team transformed each Derelict featuring a patinated original body – some of their projects include cars such as the 1952 Chevy Styleline Coupe and 1946 Lincoln Club Coupe, with surfaces evident of its age. The body may look too old and rusty for some, but underneath it is where the magic truly is. The entire underpinnings are very modern while its drivetrain allows the Derelict to outrun most of the modern cars out in the market.

This year, ICON unveiled another extraordinary Derelict car built from a 1946 Oldsmobile at the Optima Batteries Booth during the 2016 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

The donor car was found sitting in a central Californian field for quite some time until it was found and shipped to ICON’s workshop in L.A. The transformation began by tearing down the entire car and examining the entire body, a process done on all ICON builds. A detailed digitized version of the original 1946 body was created before building a bespoke Art Morrison chassis – which features an independent front suspension, a four-link rear, JRI adjustable coilover shocks, front and rear sway bars, Wilwood four-wheel hydroboosted disc brakes, and rack and pinion steering.

Stainless steel was used to create the fuel lines, exhaust system, and fuel tank to make it more durable to withstand wear and tear over time. The client who commissioned this project was so involved and hands on with the whole building process that he built its 502-cubic inch V8 engine with Hilborn injection capable of generating up to 528 horsepower and 607 lb.-lt. of torque.

To ensure the durability of each part before installing the body to its new foundation, ICON proceeded to powdercoat its chassis and fortified its body with soundproof materials. Heat-cured polyuria was coated onto the underbody for insulation and to prevent corrosion.

Even though there was a need to rebuild its interior, ICON paid very close attention to details especially the 1946 Oldsmobile’s original design. The new fit is true to its 1946 roots, but with Gabardine wool and Italian leather dominating the whole interior. German square-weave rugs and hand-painted wood finished are also found inside the car. The gauges pretty much look like the original except that its internal workings are very modern and much more reliable and accurate. While the power windows are controlled by the original factory analog regulators and cranks, other parts like the windshield wipers rely heavily on modern components.

After its quick appearance at the 2016 SEMA Show, the 1946 Oldsmobile ICON Derelict Coupe will be on display at the ICON headquarters in Los Angeles for a month.

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