How much would you spend for this rusty Jaguar E-Type found in a barn?

Article by Christian A., on March 6, 2017

People who have experienced going to a car auction will likely see a model that has been kept in mint condition or a car that has been customized to have much more value than what the base model has to offer.

However, the sale set for this coming April has something different in store for everyone. One of the items that is up for auction is a worn-out Jaguar, with all the rust and dust. If you think that this won’t gain any attention, you would be very wrong. In fact, early estimates peg it at a low of $46,000 to a high of $54,000. So why the high price? There are two central reasons. The first is that it is a 1962 E-Type Series 1 Fixed Coupe, a truly rare model. Second is that despite the condition it is in, it has not been used for almost two decades and that whole time was simply inside a garage. Further, it has a manual transmission and has a right-hand drive configuration. Records show that it so far has had only two owners.

This model was said to have been initially bought in the U.K. back in 1962. It had a Dark Opalescent Blue finish with a Black trim. The original owner had it for almost 35 years before selling it. The second owner was said to have bought it sometime in 1997 and placed it into storage with the intention of conducting some minor restoration. The problem however was that said restoration never happened.

This is why despite the decay and all that dust, this model continues to be in "very original condition." Thus, not only does the Opalescent Blue still show in some areas of this model but it even has the original brake system. Its hood is missing and it has lost its glass and its radiator but a large part of the vehicle is still intact. Looking on the inside, one can observe that the dashboard and the steering wheel are still present.

At the auction, the parts that have been removed while it was in the restoration process will be included as well. It will even have the Jaguar Heritage Certificate and the present V5. Those familiar with this model know full well that versions of the E-Type Series 1 that are in pristine condition can fetch at least $100,000. As such, this is truly the best project car.

According to Classic Car Auctions classic car consigner Harry Whale, early versions of the E-Type remain to be collectible items and while this appears to be a serious project, it could well be worth the time. Last year, he adds, the Jaguar E-Type Series I experienced an increase especially on the classic car market so it won’t be surprising if a number of people decide to join the auction for a chance to own that model.

Auction is set for April 2 of this year at NEC located in Birmingham, UK.

Press Release

Classic Car Auctions (CCA) will auction a 1962 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Fixedhead Coupe barn find

Classic Car Auctions (CCA) will auction a 1962 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Fixedhead Coupé barn find, one of the greatest sports cars of all time, at its biggest ever sale taking place at the Practical Classics Show.

Abandoned for almost 20 years, this car is a very early example of the iconic Jaguar, Chassis 282. A right-hand drive, manual example, it has had just two registered owners from new and is expected to bring interested buyers from far and wide when it is offered at auction at a guide price of £38,000 to £44,000.

The car was bought new by its first owner on 4thApril 1962 and registered to his address in Birmingham. Finished in Dark Opalescent Blue with Black trim, the brand new E-Type was presented in a rare and desirable colour combination at the time, and was proudly driven and owned for some 35 years by its first keeper.

The car changed hands and found its second owner on 1st November 1997. Staying within the West Midlands area and now owned by a Jaguar enthusiast, the E-Type was put into storage in a barn in preparation for remedial works. Sadly, plans to work on the car were never realised as the owner moved to the north of England, leaving the car untouched for almost 20 years in the care of his brother.

Now brought out of the barn and into daylight once again, an inspection reveals a genuine ‘barn-find’ example in very original condition, still retaining its rare and original brake system. Worn paintwork reveals a colour change to White with the original Opalescent Blue showing through in some areas, as well as evidence of a replacement bonnet in Red. Despite missing some glass and the radiator, most of the car is original including the steering wheel and dashboard all veiled behind a generous layer of dust and detritus.

Despite decades of neglect, untouched for two decades, and with symptoms of deterioration, the E-Type now makes for a perfect candidate for restoration and a dream opportunity for a Jaguar enthusiast when it returns to Birmingham on auction day.

“These very early E-Types are now highly collectible these days and this example will be a serious project, but one that could be very worthwhile,” explains Harry Whale, classic car consigner at Classic Car Auctions.

“Last year the Jaguar E-Type Series I experienced very significant growth on the classic car market and we expect buyers to be queuing up for the chance to own an example just like, ready to give it the TLC it deserves.”

Included with the car are several parts which were removed and retained for the restoration process, as well as the Jaguar Heritage Certificate and current V5.

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