Seen in Abu Dhabi: Stunning BMW 750Li painted in Atlantis Blue with contrasting red interior

Article by Christian A., on December 18, 2017

Those of you who have been to the Middle East are probably used to seeing flashy cars. And when I say flashy cars, I don’t just mean expensive models, but I’m specifically talking about the colours painted on them and the interesting interiors they have. A handful of these cars are from BMW and their dealership in Abu Dhabi.

The newest one that made headlines would be the BMW 750Li. Though it is not a flagship model of the new 7 Series, it still offers an impressive performance. In as quick as 4.5 seconds, it is capable of hitting 100 kilometers per hour (62 miles per hour). That comes from its V8 engine that carries out 445 horsepower and 650 Newton metres (479 pound feet) of torque. It also has a top speed of 155 miles per hour. The performance of this car is perfect for countries like the United States and Germany where speed is a big factor for choosing a car.

In this case, we are not only impressed by the 750Li’s performance, but also with its unique paint job, as it is finished in a cool Atlantis Blue that was customised by none other than BMW Individual. This is not actually the first time that we have seen this colour, as it had been applied to other BMWs in the past - like a couple of M3s and M4s. What makes it unique on a 750Li is the fact that customers usually stick to default colours like black, grey, or white in the 7 Series, and it is quite rare to see one in a bright blue shade.

It does not end there too, once you enter the cabin of this 750Li, you will be greeted by bold red leather that stretches from the door panels, seats, to the lower part of the dashboard and the central console. The red shade totally pops out of the blue exterior, giving a loud style overall.

Having said all that, Abu Dhabi Motors, which is also BMW’s largest dealership in the world, would sell you an identical BMW 750Li if this is your kind of thing. But if this is not your style and you would like to opt for a different combination, they will be more than willing to customise whatever you wish for - just as long as you have the money to pay for it.

Speaking of the BMW 750Li, you are probably wondering what it is like to drive one of these. Apparently, it is like driving a private jet on the road. This car is marketed to those who do not take public transport or drive, but prefer to sit in the back seat, and that is why it comes with the extra legroom, hence the “L” in its name. In fact, the automaker calls the cabin an “Executive Lounge” because of the comfort and luxury it offers.

Source: BMW Abu Dhabi Motors

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