BMW M2 gets a 3D Design makeover with special carbon fiber accessories

Article by Christian A., on November 8, 2017

BMW is currently developing another M2 that will either wear the GTS or the CSL index, after its latest facelift just a couple of months ago. Today, the M2 is still a crowd favourite, being a model with the perfect balance between aggressive design, performance and price. One question a lot of people would ask today is whether this could be made even better.

It definitely can be improved. And check out this photo to see how the coupe can be made to look even more handsome with just some cosmetic tweaks. Firstly, this M2 Coupe had been given a new carbon fiber exterior aerodynamic pack that was finished in a Long Beach Blue colour, which is probably the most eye catching colour of the coupe. This exterior kit is currently available at BMW Abu Dhabi Motors.

At first look, you may not notice it, but this particular M2 actually has carbon fiber front bumper lip spoiler, a massive fixed rear wing, a rear diffuser, and 3D Design side skirts - all in the same lightweight material. The new exhaust system has more prominent tips as well.

It is not just the outside that gets a sporty theme of course. This theme extends to the cabin where some of the panels get a naked carbon fiber finish, including the one surrounding the gear lever and the infotainment system control buttons, as well as the upper part of the center console. It may not look that appealing when you first see the inside, but it is the details that will impress you.

That is not all there is at the BMW Abu Dhabi Motors. For the new and upcoming track-focused M2 will also get a more comprehensive aerodynamic package with huge intakes and the front and even larger ones at the back. This package will make this model the most powerful member of the 2 Series family, at the same time, it will keep the car under control. You guys can expect a 450 horsepower (336 kilowatts), 3.0 liter turbo unit under the hood. If you think that is not enough upgrade, sources say that it will also feature cup tires and coilover suspension, and it might even get rid of the rear seats.

With the new engine given to it by the Japanese automaker, expect the M2 to be more silent as it probably won’t roar with the modified version of the N55 mill.

BMW’s Abu Dhabi showroom is known best for their outlandish designs - which sometimes are way too eccentric. They also have models that just have clean and perfect lines and we think that this M2 represents the latter. Thanks to 3D Design for making it stand out even further.

Source: BMW Abu Dhabi Motors

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