Speed Yellow BMW M4 Convertible by AC Schnitzer stuns crowds in Abu Dhabi

Article by Christian A., on October 2, 2017

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are among a small number of places where flashy cars are a common sight. You will need something really unique if you would like to stand out from the crowd. One fine example is this Speed Yellow BMW M4 Convertible that has been tuned by AC Schnitzer. Abu Dhabi and Al Ain get their vehicles from Abu Dhabi Motors, the official importer of BMW, Alpina and AC Schnitzer vehicles.

This AC Schnitzer M4 is a beauty. No one will disagree with that statement even after seeing treatments from other tuners like Liberty Walk. The front splitter, drive planes, mirror caps and rear accents are made with carbon fiber bits.

The upgrades are so smooth that they look as if they have been equipped from the factory. This M4 was also given the dark finished exhaust tips that look more than amazing. But if there’s one thing that a lot of people are unsure about when it comes to styling is the AC Schnitzer AC1 wheels with thin spokes, as they don’t seem to go too well with the rest of the body.

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The M4’s cabin has been given a blacked out interior, complemented by a Speed Yellow stripe from the dashboard that stretches to the sides to match the exterior paint. For more detail, yellow stitching had been used as well. The carbon fiber accents also give it a sportier appearance. Standard equipment such as the BMW M head-up display (HUD), carbon fiber roof, comfort access, ConnectedDrive Freedom like concierge services, driving assist, navigation system professional, tyre pressure monitor, and a nine-speaker HiFi sound system will be included as well.

Abu Dhabi Motors only talked about the body kit, wheels, and exhaust from AC Schnitzer. But in fact, it also gets a new 3.0 liter inline six, giving the M4 as much as 503 horsepower (375 kilowatts) and 476 pound feet (645 Newton-metres) of torque compared to the regular M4 that only carries out 444 horsepower (331 kilowatts) and 406 pound feet (551 Newton-metres) of torque.

As for pricing, Abu Dhabi Motors did not say mention anything regarding the price of the Speed Yellow M4 Convertible, but it will surely cost more than its original price of $161,900.

The BMW importer brings in a great selection of vehicles into Abu Dhabi. Apart from this AC Schnitzer tuned M4, we have seen models like the Java Green M3, Estoril Blue M760Li, and Rallye Green 7 Series.

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