2017 BMW M4 (F82) looks even better with San Marino Blue finish

Article by Christian A., on July 6, 2017

Last month at BMW’s Abu Dhabi dealership, the company revealed the M3 in a San Marino Blue exterior finish, which received plenty of compliments. This month, the new M4 gets the same look, but comes with a sportier appeal.

First of all, the BMW M4 (F82) was fitted with the M Performance body kit, making it much more aggressive. Physically, it comes with a carbon fiber rear wing, carbon fiber front spoiler, mirror covers, and boot lid spoiler. A set of dual tone silver and blue wheels comes with the body kit. Meanwhile, the interior also gets some carbon fiber on the gear selector, handbrake level, the console and the dash. To match its sporty exterior, the M4’s cabin was given an upgrade with the orange leather interior.

As for the exhaust system, the M4 was equipped with a custom Armytrix exhaust. In fact, you can hear it roar online. It definitely sounds more powerful than the factory model vehicle.

With its twin-turbo straight-six engine paired with a double-clutch transmission, it can sprint from 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) from standstill in only 4.1 seconds. The M4 is able to produce 425 horsepower (431 PS).

If the stock M4 is equipped with the optional M Competition package, the petrol engine will have an output of 450 kilowatts (331 kW). Inside, lightweight sport seats will be equipped with width-adjustable backrests. Outside, this package features exclusive forged, gloss lathered star spoke style 666 20-inch M light alloy wheels with mixed tyres.

In comparison to the BMW M3 that also got the M Performance last month, with

The M4 was fitted with the same carbon fiber components such as the boot lid spoiler, mirror covers and front spoiler. With regards to the interior, the M3 got an M Performance steering wheel but it was not mentioned whether the M4 did too. Both cars come with the same dual-tone, silver and blue wheels too.

Furthermore, the M3 got a red leather interior, instead of the orange that you would find fitted in the M4. It was also not mentioned whether the M4 got a metal pedal set like the one in the M3. The M3 was also equipped with the Akrapovic exhaust system too instead of the Armytrix exhaust system.

The M4 Coupe has a Nurburgring lap time of 7:52, and can push its limits to 444 horsepower with the competition package.

Again, you can find the San Marino Blue finished M4 at BMW’s Dubai dealership if you are interested. A stock M4 Coupe can be purchased for a starting price of $67,700.

Source: Abu Dhabi Motors

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