Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT dominates Hot Rod at Santa Pod Raceway in UK

Article by Christian A., on May 15, 2017

Jeep has shown just how powerful the Grand Cherokee SRT truly is. Considered to be one of the brand’s top-performing vehicles, this model managed to beat the Hot Rod Coupe, fitted with the HEMI engine, in a quarter of a mile drag race done at the Santa Pod Raceway in the U.K.

Driven by none other than UK’s very own drag racing champion Stuart Doignie, the Grand Cherokee SRT crossed the line in 13.5 seconds beating the Coupe, with Kelvin Dunn inside, by 0.9 seconds. Not that surprising really since it is powered by the HEMI 6.4-liter engine. With Doignie’s skill, the engine was able to deliver 468 hp with acceleration from 0 to 62 mph in 4.5 seconds. For the quarter-mile stretch, the Grand Cherokee SRT was able to cover it in under 14 seconds.

Doignie said that he was truly captivated by the Grand Cherokee SRT’s speed and raw power. He added that while he been behind the wheel in a number of dragster vehicles running at the Santa Pod, this is the first time he has been in a model that was made for the road. It is extremely quick off the line, he said further.

Doignie revealed that though the race against the Coupe was indeed close, he is more than happy to secure another win at Santa Pod. According to Jeep, the Grand Cherokee SRT is priced at £69,830 OTR.

The cabin of the Grand Cherokee SRT has been refined and is able to deliver comfort while offering exceptional room. There are exclusive appointments with technology that are truly race-inspired. Standard equipment fitted in this model includes the heated steering wheel, wrapped in leather and fitted with paddle-shifters. There is also the power telescoping and tilt steering column.

Included in the Grand Cherokee SRT are controls for the Electronic Vehicle Information Center. This feature can be accessed using the steering wheel and has Performance Pages, exclusive for this model. The Performance Pages comes with a unique functionality that is exclusive to racing technology. With this, the driver is able to access different information like the horsepower, torque, braking distance, acceleration time, covered distance times, and even the g-forces.

Still on the inside, the Nappa suede and leather seats have been styled specifically for the SRT. Combined with the adjustable active headrests in the front and the sculpted bolsters, comfort is guaranteed for those daily drives. This also ensures that both drivers and passengers are held in place when doing spirited driving. Both seats in the front show contrast stitching with the SRT logo sewn to them.

While only the front seats are ventilated, both the front and rear are heated. This gives occupants that added comfort. Other features include the perforated shift knob wrapped in leather and the carbon fiber accents. There is also the instrument panel that is wrapped in leather as well. The door trim panels, throttle pedal pads, racing style brake, give the cabin that added performance and refined look.

Press Release


Jeep has once again demonstrated the awesome 6.4-litre V8 HEMI-engined Grand Cherokee SRT by taking it to the home of UK drag racing, Santa Pod, and testing it against a retro HEMI-engined Hot Rod Coupe in a head-to-head quarter-mile dash.

On one of the most famous drag strips in the world, UK drag racing champion Stuart Doignie launched the Jeep off the start line and down the quarter-mile straight in 13.5 seconds, defeating the Coupe, driven by Kelvin Dunn, by just 0.9 seconds.

Delivering a massive 468hp and packed full of high-performance technologies including Launch Control, Doignie helped the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT register an impressive 0-62mph speed of 4.5 seconds while covering the 1320ft stretch in less than 14 seconds.

“I was hugely impressed by the raw power and speed of the Grand Cherokee SRT,” said Doignie.

“I’ve driven plenty of dragster vehicles at Santa Pod but never a car built purely for the road. It’s immensely quick off the line and powered through the finish gantry. It was an epically close race with the HEMI Coupe but I was glad to keep up my great record at Santa Pod with another win.”

It’s the second time the Grand Cherokee SRT has come out victorious in a full-throttle race against unfamiliar opposition following last year’s victory against an aerobatic twister plane at Blyton Park race track. Watch the SRT vs plane here:

Vital statistics

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Vs HEMI Hot Rod Coupe
Price: £69,830 Price: £30,000 (approximately)
Engine: 6.4-litre V8 HEMI Engine: 1956 330cu-in Desoto Hemi
Power: 468 hp Power: 304 hp (approx.)
0-62mph: 4.5 seconds (at Santa Pod) 0-62mph: 6 seconds (at Santa Pod)
Top Speed: 160 mph Top Speed: N/A
Number of seats: Five Number of seats: Two
Luggage: Hatchback 782/1554 litres (seats up/down) Luggage: Model A boot/trunk Special
Special skills: High performance SUV with Launch Control Special skills: Specially modified vehicle to give it extra power and speed

Watch the epic race here:

Roomy and comfortable, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT’s refined cabin features race-inspired technology and exclusive appointments. Standard equipment includes a leather-wrapped, heated steering wheel with mounted paddle-shifters and a power tilt and telescoping steering column.

Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) controls are accessible from the steering wheel and feature SRT-exclusive Performance Pages – a distinctive functionality specific to racing technology including information such as horsepower, torque, 0-62mph time, 62-0 mph braking distance, g-forces, and covered distance times.

SRT-styled Nappa leather and suede seats, with sculpted bolsters and adjustable active front headrests, provide all the comfort for daily drives and the necessary hold to keep driver and passengers in place during spirited driving. The two front seats feature embroidered SRT logo and contrast stitching. Standard heated (front and rear) and ventilated (front) seats provide additional comfort to occupants. A perforated leather-wrapped shift knob, carbon fibre accents, leather-wrapped instrument panel and door trim panels and bright, racing style brake and throttle pedal pads add to the refined, performance oriented look inside the cabin.

Source: Jeep

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