Someone takes home an Opel Astra worth €23,070 from one YouTube video

Article by Christian A., on June 20, 2017

In today’s world, a lot of people are making money with the use of social media, through blogs, YouTube vlogs, and Instagram posts as they get paid by billion-dollar companies. Yes, people make a huge amount of money from this, but it takes work too - and I mean tons of time and effort, and followers of course.

So, speaking of YouTube videos, a guy named Yuri Schuurkes is the first person to buy an Opel Astra with the money he earned solely from the video-sharing website. You’ll probably ask how he did that so quickly. Here it goes, he joined an ongoing campaign called “Pay by View” which lets anyone upload a video with an attempt to gain a number of views. The more views you get, the more chance you’ll get to win one of the six prizes, with three of those being cars. Not a bad contest to join, huh?

It can’t just be any video you wish to upload though. Like any other contests, there are requirements they have to fulfill before their video gets qualified. In this case, participants are meant to produce a video that shows them taking one of the Opel Online Editions for a test drive. So what Yuri Schuurkes decided to do was to dress up as Spiderman, how timely as Spiderman: Homecoming is scheduled for release early next month. Anyway, so dressed up in a superhero outfit, the guy managed to reach a 922,800 view count, which gave him the privilege to take home a car worth €23,070 ($25,800) - a brand new Astra five-door hatchback. He first uploaded the video on May 7, and as of today, he has reached up to 1.3 million views - thanks to Spidey!

So for those who joined the contest, don’t lose hope as there are a few more cars that are up for grabs, though not as big as the grand prize that is the Astra. A Karl Rocks Online Edition can be taken home with 589,900 views, and a three-door Corsa Online Edition can be yours for 739,600 views on YouTube.

The remaining cars will still be provided by the Opel dealer Van Mossel OPC in Veghel, The Netherlands.

If you feel like it is impossible for your video to reach the six-digit mark, don’t give up yet, as you can still take home an Opel-branded roof box at only 24,200 views. For 5,160 views, an Adam kids’ car can be yours, and the easiest item to win is an iPad holder for 3,000 views. Those numbers seem much more attainable compared to the top three prizes (unless you’re a famous YouTuber). So, best of luck to the contestants, as you have over a week to go to hit those numbers!

Press Release

World Premiere: Yuri Schuurkes Buys Opel Astra with YouTube Views

An absolute world first has been achieved at Opel dealer Van Mossel OPC in Veghel (Netherlands) with the purchase (and delivery) of the world's first car by means of YouTube views. Yuri Schuurkes' sensational video attracted more than a million views, enabling him to ‘buy’ a brand-new Opel Astra five-door Online Edition valued at €23,070.

Opel launched the unique ‘Pay by View’ campaign in April. Everyone who shoots a video of his or her test drive in one of the Opel Online Editions between April 24 and June 30, 2017 and posts it on YouTube can buy a brand-new Opel, if the video generates enough views. Never before has such a campaign been initiated by a manufacturer regardless of the industry.

Participant Yuri Schuurkes' YouTube video attracted more than one million views, which means he easily surpassed the minimum number of 922,800 views for a new Opel Astra five-door Online Edition. Schuurkes was handed the keys to his new car today, making him the first person to obtain one of the six selected products that can be purchased with views. Currently, participants still have the opportunity to purchase the following items with YouTube views: an Opel KARL ROCKS Online Edition (589,900 views), an Opel Corsa 3-door Online Edition (739,600 views), a little ADAM kids’ car (5,160 views), an Opel roof box (24,200 views) and an iPad holder (3,000 views).

The campaign runs until June 30, 2017 or until all products have been sold. The entire campaign, participation terms & conditions and a selection of the videos submitted, including the one by Yuri Schuurkes, can be found on the Pay by View campaign website.

Source: Opel

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