Norfolk citizens welcome their fastest police car yet - the Porsche Cayman GT4

Article by Christian A., on April 18, 2017

Any of the Constabulary police enforcers at Norfolk, England will be scrambling to be the lucky chap to get behind the wheels of the newest member of their family - the speedster Porsche Cayman GT4.

Earlier this month, the police force of Milan had been happy chaps when they welcomed to their homestead the Ferrari 458 Spider which can run at a whopping 320 kmh. It was confiscated from a mobster of a syndicated gang and was turned over to the Milan police. It’s indeed tempting to bring the sports car out to shred the roads of Milan, with the supercar made to accelerate straight to 200 kmh in less than 10.8 seconds.

However, the Ferrari 458 Spider will not be able to do this publicly. Instead this superior speedster will be used as sort of an ambassador to be used for programs of education in the field of legality. Now it seems the newly acquired super car of Norfolk will follow suit. Donated for 2 years by Lind Trust, a charity organization that supports the development of young teenagers in Norwich and Norfolk, the Cayman GT4 will be utilized as a public program apparatus - meaning the GT4's main purpose is to engage and socialize with the citizens of Norfolk regarding road safety.

The newly-indicted police vehicle, equipped with strobe lights, yellow and blue checkerboard body paint, will also be making appearances at cars and coffee affairs, and at schools and colleges found all throughout the English country.

Chief Constable Bailey remarked that the Cayman GT4's appearance will undoubtedly invite a whole lot of attention from the citizens, and this will be the central objective of the speedy vehicle. He further remarked that he's wholly confident that the utilization of this Porsche model will assist in breaking down walls between the officers and the citizens, and can jumpstart the interaction of the police force with the young drivers to lecture and at the same time provide road safety.

The police department is targeting teenage drivers because in a press release by the department, young drivers are disproportionately represented in fatal and serious vehicle mishaps statistics- wherein in Norfolk alone 61 adolescent drivers have perished in road collisions and 504 have suffered life threatening injuries over the last 5 years.

Porsche Cayman GT4 is no joke in a race track, equipped with extra aero bodywork including its huge rear wings and bad boy looking front and rear diffusers. The vehicle is fitted with a 3.8 L 6 cylinder engine that can produce up to 385 hP (287 kW) and 309 lb-ft (418 Newton-meters) of torque. The said sports car weighs at around 2,995 lbs (1,358 kW).

Only 700 units of the GT4 were ever produced by Porsche and bearing a price tag of $84,600, those Norfolk police force are lucky fellows. Not only were the Ferrari Spider and Cayman GT4 sent to a police line, Australia police also obtained a Mercedes AMG E43 and a BMW i8. It will be one hell of a show if only the GT4 and the Ford Focus RS could have a race-off in the UK's racing circuits.


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