New generation Audi A8 sedan rendered as Coupe, Avant, S8 and RS8

Article by Christian A., on July 19, 2017

After teasing the public for months with photos and videos of its new flagship model, Audi has finally unveiled the fourth generation of the brand’s flagship model -- the 2018 Audi A8 (D5). As introduced, the A8 is a luxury sedan. Nonetheless, it would not hurt to imagine other versions of the A8 sedan, namely as A8 Coupe, A8 Avant, S8 and RS8.

Definitely, it is a struggle to imagine how the new generation of the Audi A8 Sedan would look like when interpreted in other forms. However, thanks to a certain visual designer who goes by the name of X-Tomi Design, fans and enthusiasts don’t need to use their imagination so hard. After all, X-Tomi has made it much easier to visualize how good-looking the A8 would be if created as other vehicle types by rendering the sedan as a coupe, a full-size wagon (Avant) or as high-performance sporty models.

In its coupe form, the Audi A8 – using X-Tomi’s render -- would definitely look spectacular. Interestingly, the A8 Coupe by X-Tomi looks familiar; its styling was similar to the Audi Prologue concept that was unveiled at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. This was all expected, as after all, the new design language that made its debut on the new Audi A8 sedan was actually born out of the Audi Prologue concept, a design study in the form of a coupe. While a coupe version of the A8 really looks impressive, there have been indications that the Audi Prologue Concept is a preview of the upcoming A9 flagship. Nevertheless, an A8 coupe is also a welcomed proposition, if there would be one.

While Audi did unveil an Avant version of the Prologue concept at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, it’s unlikely to be adopted for the A8. After all, the Audi Prologue Avant Concept was likely a preview of the next generation of the A6, not of the A8. Moreover, wagons have become less relevant as its utility and practically are increasingly being overshadowed by sports utility vehicles. The demand for SUVs is not seen to decline in the next few years, and Audi is sure to take advantage of the strong clamor for this type of vehicle.

As for the S8, this version of the A8 is definitely showing up to conquer the luxury car market. In fact, spy images have unofficially confirmed its existence. It is expected to arrive in two flavors, the regular Audi S8 and its beefier variant, the Audi S8 Plus. There were reports saying that Audi might rename the S8 Plus as the S8 E-tron to denote that it would be a plug-in hybrid.

The RS8, meanwhile, is possible, although the S8 E-tron should be enough to fill its space. Moreover, there is a bigger possibility that Audi would create an RS Q8 instead of an RS8, simply because of the huge fanfare forming for SUVs.

Source: XTomi Design

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