Signal Green BMW M4 (F82) Coupe with M Performance kit is radioactive enough to grab attention

Article by Christian A., on March 8, 2018

For a BMW M3 or M4 stand out from a crowd of sports and high-performance cars, it needs to be unusually stunning and outrageously weird. Of course, it would be hard for a BMW M4 (F82) Coupe to stand out when there are hotter supercars around. For an M4 Coupe to do that, it needs more than just being red hot, it has to be radioactive green.

This is how a BMW M4 Coupe is dressed up as displayed at BMW’s showroom in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It is finished in a color – called as Signal Green -- that is seemingly picked out from the color palette of the mutant character Incredible Hulk, whose leafy shade is owned to his exposure to radiation. Most of the exterior parts and sections of this special M4 Coupe is wrapped in Signal, with the rest finished in black. From the front bumper and its muscular bonnet, through its side panels and pillars, to its rear decklid and rear fascia, this M4 Coupe is finished in Signal Green.

Aside from its radioactive finish, this Signal Green BMW M4 Coupe is provided with a number of optional elements derived from the parts and accessory catalogue of M Performance. These optional elements include the M Performance kit with a number of components made from carbon fiber, yellow brake calipers as seen through the wheels, as well as an Akrapovic exhaust system.

The upgrades made to this high performance coupe unit aren’t limited on the exterior, as several tweaks were also made inside its sportily luscious interior. For instance, the cabin of this Signal Green BMW M4 Coupe features an Alcantara trim on the steering wheel and handbrake lever as well as carbon fiber inserts. In addition, the cabin of the new Signal Green BMW M4 Coupe features green stitching, in particular on its seats, arm rest and door panels, as well as on the upper and lower dashboard.

Meanwhile, it isn't revealed whether this Signal Green BMW M4 Coupe has been tuned for upgraded power, and it is high likely that its performance remains in stock condition. Unless tweaked further, this Signal Green M4 Coupe – still powered by a six-cylinder engine with a displacement of 3.0 liters – could provide power figures of up to 431 PS (425 hp or 317 kW) of output and up to 550 Nm (405 lb.-ft.) of torque. With this power on hand, this Signal Green BMW M4 Coupe could sprint from a standstill to a fast 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4.1 seconds.

Of course, this Signal Green BMW M4 Coupe is still a high-performance car that could outrun most of the cars on the road. With its eye-catching finish, this interpretation of M4 Coupe could grab attention not just on the road, but also on the parking lot.

Source: BMW Abu Dhabi Motors

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