Tobias Buttner renders a rugged, more capable 2019 Audi A6 (C8) Allroad

Article by Christian A., on May 29, 2018

Audi A6 (C8) is still quite fresh in the market but already, artists have been rendering the said model, with variants of their own. Recently, we saw a hot RS6 makeover of the sporty saloon, but now, artist Tobias Buttner gives us his take on the German luxury saloon, giving it a more rugged theme. As you could see in the photos, this is a rendering of the A6 Allroad model. Like all the Allroad models, it adopts new body cladding and a higher ride height, both in an effort to enhance off road practicality.

The standard styling cues of the standard A6 are carried over, of course, but there are also a number of unique variations to note. For instance, the grille, while still large and imposing, features vertical chrome inserts as opposed to the horizontal design found of the standard model. The accenting vents have been made more subtle, and there is a silver running board located just below the grille.

Expect the ride height to be a little higher, and there’s plastic body cladding around the wheels that assures that it will be able to take on tougher roads, without leaving the paint of the fenders scratched. The previous model is just a bit taller, with its height raised by just 3.5 centimeters (35 mm) over the standard sedan, with an available one extra centimetre (10 mm) of lift available at low speeds. Expect similar figures for the new model; that is, if Audi chooses to build it.

Because this is just a rendering, the artist did not say what kind of engine will be found under the hood of the high riding A6. But at the same time, we should not expect any dramatic departure from the standard sedan.

The standard A6, as we know, is equipped with a 3.0 liter TFSI turbocharged V6, paired with a seven speed S-Tronic transmission, that has an output of 340 horsepower (250 kilowatts), or an optional 3.0 liter TDI diesel available in 286 horsepower (210 kilowatts). This engine is mated to an eight speed tiptronic gearbox.

Too bad the A6 Allroad is just a virtual creation for now. In fact, the new A6 sedan has not even hit the market just yet. The A6 will go on sale in Germany in June, and later on will be available in other countries as well.

The new A6 will have a price tag of about $50,000 when it becomes available in the United States, but the Allroad will definitely be more expensive. If the off road does come to life and Audi decides to produce Buttner’s rendering, would you consider buying one?

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