Artist creates Shooting Brake version of 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Article by Christian A., on February 21, 2018

Mercedes-Benz has not unveiled the A-Class Sedan yet, though we think that we will see it very soon because the automaker has already revealed the hatchback, and it should not be too long for the saloon to come out this year.

The Germany based automaker displayed a concept at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show. But we have to agree that this model, in Shooting Brake guise, will be absolutely stunning. Aksyonov Nikita has already done the work for us. He released images of an A Class Shooting Brake that looks ready to enter production.

In 2017, the automaker actually made it clear that they will draw a distinct line between the A-Class sedan and the next generation CLA by giving the CLA a fastback styling. The A-Class is going to be the model the CLA will be based on, and will then use the front wheel drive platform of the A-Class, though it will adapt its own distinct style. This will then be placed above the A-Class Sedan in Mercedes’ lineup.

But the good news is that the automaker already confirmed that the A-Class Sedan will come out in the United States market, but the sad part is that the hatch version will not be offered there. As mentioned earlier, this is the only variant that the automaker confirmed and there is no indication whether or not a Shooting Brake is actually part of their plans. So for now, this variant still remains as a “what if”.

Since we are already talking about the A-Class, the all new model has become wider especially in the rear, with larger wheel arches compared to the outgoing model. The hatchback, on the other hand, is longer with more space between the front and the rear wheels. This gives it an overall sportier look.

The A-Class’ interior, on the other hand, now features a pair of free standing instrument panels and turbine style air vents, with ambient lighting used to highlight certain parts of the dashboard. Of course, this includes everything from extra navigation features to an in-car office as well as the feature of booking its car for a service remotely, plus ‘augmented reality’ navigation.

Customers will be able to set up the digital screens the way they want. The system will also indicate who you call and which radio stations you listen to at certain times of the day. The system than automatically suggests these to the driver at the right time.

The new Mercedes-Benz A-Class is expected to come with a price tag of about 24,000 pounds and will be available starting in March 2018.

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