2020 Tesla Roadster rendered as a Shooting Brake

Article by Christian A., on November 21, 2017

Just last week, Tesla’s Elon Musk surprised us all when he revealed the 2020 Tesla Roadster alongside the Tesla Semi truck. And in just a few hours, we have already seen renderings of the new Roadster, which proves that the internet does not sleep and that these rendering artists are always waiting to render something new.

Case in point, Tesla’s newest Roadster has already been rendered by a few artists, designing it in various variants. One that really caught our attention was the Shooting Brake variant that you are looking at right now. Because who wouldn’t want a bit more practicality in a roadster that does the 60 mile per hour sprint in under 2 seconds?

Of course, this rendering came from none other than X-Tomi Design, giving the Roadster a fuller rear. But when looking at its profile, it might remind you of a Hyundai Veloster, where the extended roof slopes down to meet the rear that has been slightly elevated. Naturally, once the shape of the car has been tweaked, it will have to go through a name change as well, and that is why it is now called a Tesla Shooting Brake. Though we do think that a removable targa roof could be implemented for a Targa Shooting Brake, perhaps? What do you think?

When comparing the Tesla Roadster to the original, the former actually already has a bit more space in the rear, as the latter was based on the two-seater Lotus Eclipse. The Roadster was meant to fit four passengers; however, we don’t think anyone bigger than a toddler would actually fit in the back. And with the Shooting Brake, we think that it could actually help with some headroom, though we think that it will ruin the smooth lines on the exterior that gives the Roadster its shapely bottom. Long roofs will definitely be nice, but it would be best if the Roadster is kept as it is.

When Tesla revealed the Roadster last week, they made it clear that the example was just a prototype. And though he did give specs, all those figures could still change when it comes out as a production model in 2020. We also expect to see some design changes three years from now.

However, let us hope that the automaker can keep track of their schedule and not fall behind it, as they are currently behind schedule with the Model 3, which everybody is aware of. One of the reasons for the delay is because of troubles within the company, also probably because they have been burning a lot of money. Let us hope that this not does affect the future production of the Tesla Roadster and the Tesla Semi.

Source: X-Tomi Design

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